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    Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    Random bitching!
    • "Cheneys got a gun" got that song in my head (I made it up)
    • damn accidents - they are just accidents- comprende?
    • When I was taking gymnast son to the ER on Sunday I bumped a POS (piece of shit) truck in the parking lot. I left a note because I am an honest person. If I didn't leave a note - he wouldn't have noticed. Got the call from him today for $1500 in damage. This car didn't have a back window - give me an f-n break! Now I have to call Geico and get insurance involved, pay $500 which wasn't budgeted for the month - have my insurance go up - just so this guy can fix his POS!!!
    • cat injury - the runt cat I bought hubby for Christmas somehow couldn't walk today & it turns out she has a broken pelvis. She is full grown at 3 pounds and for all I know- Chulo the stupor dog stepped on her or she got loved a little too much by a little person in my house! $130
    • booked trip for milblog conference $300
    • money made by my business to date -$0 - PRICELESS F-N PRICELESS!!!
    • another bitch - the contest. Hello $25 prize - you have a better chance of winning it than Powerball. Get off your lazy ass and find something. Heck, there should be droves of entries at this point!
    • maybe I'll be in a better mood tomorrow - maybe not! I think a beer is in order. Anyone have a Xanax?

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:04 PM

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