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    Monday, January 09, 2006

    Newt gets it right on the Abramoff Scandal
    Here's what Newt Gingrich has to say about the Abramoff Scandal:

    "The Abramoff scandal (and it is a scandal) is only one symptom of the growing profoundly unhealthy nature of power in Washington. Abramoff is the product of the system, not the system is the product of Abramoff. Abramoff did not create the system, but he did use it. It is important to start by stating flatly that this is not a lobbyist scandal. This is a lobbyist-incumbent-staff scandal. Abramoff and every other guilty person should go to jail.

    The questions of lobbying should be looked at. But looking only at lobbyists protects the heart of the current system of incumbency protection-big government spending and power-Washington insider domination of the country which as a system is much more dangerous than the Abramoff scandal alone. The Congressional earmarks for pork, the special powers of Senators to blackmail the Executive Branch, the special provisions written into an overly complex tax code late at night in hidden meetings are symptoms of this larger problem of which Abramoff is only the tip of the iceberg."

    He goes on to offer some practical reforms, which I'm sure will fall on deaf ears. Unfortunately partisan politics will dictate that each side blame the other instead of acknowledging what this scandal is really all about:

    "Efforts to focus reforms only on lobbying are efforts that will fail to move beyond the symptoms and look at the entire disease of corrupt power which is slowly engulfing the national government."

    Newt's right. This is not a partisan political issue. All Americans (Republican and Democrat) should be outraged at the way the system in Washington works and should work together to reform it.

    Shared by Silke @ 8:55 PM

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