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    Monday, January 30, 2006

    Jewish Democrats come get "Gretatized"
    I want a truce and I promise to be good. (Bin Laden's fingers crossed behind back)

    Give us money and we won't destroy Israel today...even though that is our ultimate goal. Maybe next week, but not this week. (Hamas)

    Hamas in power is soooo scary to me and should be to every American in the U.S. Israel is our FRIEND and Hamas's main goal is to wipe them out!!! Comprende? Even if you are a racist bigot and like to blame the Jews on everything - you should realize that this is 10,000 steps back for world peace!!! Being a Jew, I will and have always supported Israel and that is why I switched from liberal views to Republican/Conservative. Jews need to realize that Republican leadership will continue to be the best ally for Israel - PERIOD!!!

    I invite all Jews that still vote Democrat to come forward and justify their argument or else "Gretatize" ( get it - like Hannity's Hannitize) yourself here and switch parties for the important reasons. Don't give me the "I hate Bush" argument either - it won't fly here. Every liberal you vote in, impacts the world around you. Stop being ignorant and having the sheep-like mentality of "my parent's are Democrats so I should be too! Think for yourselves!!! Go check out the Republican Jewish Coalition for some more info if you are still unsure.

    P.S. For all my non-Jewish readers - you can feel my passion and I don't mean to leave you out.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:38 AM

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