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    Friday, January 13, 2006

    Humor and Health
    Since I know y'all (I lived in Texas for 5 years- I can say that) have been biting your nails worrying about my appointment today, well here is the current update.

    Went to the Cancer Center to see the hematologist/oncologist. I looked half way decent for the appointment, sporting my new Talbot's boots and Aveda makeup. I've felt like pond scum all week and actually felt good today. Hubby met me there, which I joked about since he rarely even went to OB appointments (at least for child #2). We acted like the juvenile idiots we are in the waiting room, cracking jokes and being a little too loud. We laughed extra loud when a guy walked by with "the rat hat" (if you aren't a Seinfeld fan - forget me explaining).

    Waiting until the waiting room finally cleared out - a looong time, we were finally called in. I spent the whole morning going through my old medical records, put a sticky note on previous lab work and wrote a 2 page history of my medical life. The doctor said that was very helpful as he could see my previous blood work. He seemed like a great guy, not an alarmist and very calm, but not making a joke out of my feeling like this (like my soon to be ex-primary care doctor).

    He said right off the bat, that leukemia didn't stick out. He would run additional blood work and wanted a CT scan next week to check on my internal lymph nodes. My neck and armpit nodes have been swollen, so this would give him a picture of the rest (my inner beauty). I got some more blood drawn (the usual latex allergy dilemma) and then scheduled my f/u. If I get lucky (LOL) I might get a marrow puncture next week - woohoo!

    Anyhoo, not going to worry about anything that I have no control over at the moment. I'll keep you posted. Wierd - I ran into a friend of mine there - she was finding out the results of a breast biopsy.

    Damn - this getting older stuff SUCKS!!! This weekend - extra chocolate!!!

    P.S. For those of you that pray - please add my friend "Diane" in your prayers. I ran into her at the cancer clinic today. We hadn't spoken for a couple of weeks and she found out today that she has stage 4 breast cancer. She also has a 5 year old like me. She called to tell me her diagnosos and was wishing me that mine turns out better.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 6:08 PM

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