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    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    A Greta Bitch Rant
    Forgive me more this rant ahead of time. I am being pleasant to everyone around me - so whoever reads this - gets my bitching.
    • What the hell is wrong with people - you work for an oncologist - time is of the damn essence - comprende? Don't tell me you didn't see my referral and then later call me to make me sound like a moron because it was in a pile you forgot to look at!
    • My soon to be ex-primary care doc had his 20 year old nurse asst. call me on the phone for the SECOND TIME to tell me the doctor says my blood work came out just fine and I don't have leukemia. Well guess what - it wasn't fine the first time or second time you called - MORON!!!
    • I've lost about 5 pounds in the past week - I have no appetite, coffee isn't even cutting it and lets not even go with the lovely bodily functions. However, those were the 5 pounds I have been trying to lose for 5 years - so good riddance to them. I have about 5 more to go - so I hope I don't find a cure until I reach my goal!
    • I am not in the mood for politics the past few days - just humor. Don't make me go to the Alito hearings and bitch slap everyone that pisses me off!!!
    • I'm in a pissy mood and guess who is coming to help me when hubby goes on a fishing trip - my mom. Love her to death, but already laid the ground rules on "unsolicited advice"
    • For the upside - life is great and I love my family, pets and blogging "free therapy at my convenience"!Thanks for hanging with me and please only leave me humorous comments on this rant - like a bad joke or stupid cartoon!!!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:14 PM

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