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    Friday, January 20, 2006

    The Great Democrat Lie
    I just wanted to get up a quick post about something Hillary said during her Martin Luther King day rant that the media has ignored. She said that Democrats were largely responsible for much of the nation's progress in areas like civil rights and women's rights. Maybe she should go and look through some history books, or watch The Presidents on the History Channel. Very good program. Or she should read this.
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    Wasn't it a Republican president that freed the slaves with Democrats opposing it? After they were freed and Lincoln was assassinated, Andrew Johnson(D) became president. The man many consider to be the most racist president in history. He had actually owned a few slaves before becoming VP. The man he looked up to as a hero was Andrew Jackson. The great White Indian killer. The man who believed the white man owned the land and forced the Indian to leave their homes. Predominately five tribes. Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole, the 5 Civilized Tribes. Which has become to be known as The Trails Of Tears, which caused the death of millions of Indians due to starvation and disease. Johnson believe that Blacks were savages and should just go back to working on the plantations. During this time it was the "radical Republicans" in Congress who believe that blacks should be protected, made U.S. citizens and given the right to vote. I guess we all know where Johnson stood on those. While Congress was in recess, Johnson welcomed the Southern states back into the union without giving any guarantees of protection to blacks. In 1865, the Freeman's Bureau was created to help freed slaves find new employment and to improve educational and health facilities. Johnson vetoed giving it more power to better protect former slaves. In fact, he vetoed 29 bills the Republican held Congress sent up to help protect freed slaves. In 1866 the Republican held Congress also passed the first Civil Rights bill, without President Johnson's help. After Johnson left office, Ulysses S. Grant(R) became president. During this time the south began to move back into the hands of the Democrats. Also during this time was when the Ku Klux Klan was started... by Southern Democrats. Republican Grant sent federal troops to the south and was able to effectively crush them. One way he was able to do this was by arresting members and holding them without trial. Sound familiar. Only to have them rise again later still under Democrat control. Then in the late 1870's, early 1880's, Democrats were able to grab the last two Republican held southern states which brought about the rise of segregation that didn't end until the late 1960's, when the south began to make the move back to the Right, when Lyndon Johnson(D) sighed the second Civil Rights bill with the help of the Republican controlled Congress after the Democrats opposed it.

    Am I saying that the Republican party has a spotless history? By no means. We've had our share of racists and slave owners, but the Republican party has actually done more for civil rights than the Democrats have. So Mrs. Clinton can lie and fool herself into believing the Democratic party has a history of civil rights progress, and the media can choose to ignore her falsehood, but all the American people have to do is open a book to know the truth. And head over to DNC.org and see how much of this stuff they've left out. At least they got the history of the jackass as their symbol right.
    Crossposted @ Right-Wing & Right Minded

    Shared by Christopher Lee @ 2:04 PM

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