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    Thursday, January 19, 2006

    Deep Thoughts from Greta
    • If you are terminal and you want to die with dignity - I am 100% for doctor assisted suicide
    • If you work for Al Jazeera - your US citizenship should be stripped
    • Al Jazeera is the equivalent of a money laundering scandal that launders extremist propaganda
    • Those who say Bush is equivalent to a terrorist may be considered a terrorist sympathizer and have their head up their ass sooo far we should only hear muffling sounds
    • I believe in parental notification for minor abortions with the exceptions being that where a judge is involved
    • pandering makes me sick - why can't anybody run on the "I have done .... In my life and this is what I will do in office whether you like it or not platform..." Maybe I should run (hear the rattle rattle of skeletons)
    • I will NEVER change my mind that if there is an afterlife it is what you do that gets you there -not what you believe
    • The MSM makes me ill - there is an agenda and if people don't get that by now - they shouldn't be allowed to vote - hey, that should be a pre-requisite for voting
    • I absolutely love the photoshop below that Indian Chris did for me - thanks pal
    • If Pluto is a dog - what is Goofy? what movie is that from?
    • Bush is not responsible for global warming - the world changes every day - it is a living organism
    • If the US needs to spy on potential terrorists - go for it - I will not cry! If you have nothing to hide - you shouldn't sweat that one either!
    • Will there ever be a "United" States?

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 3:18 PM

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