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    Thursday, December 08, 2005

    Why the Democratic Party is Not in Power (from Silke)
    As Chairman of the Democratic National Committee I think Howard Dean represents everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party. They are all talk and no substance. This is part of a transcript from a 13 November interview with Howard Dean on Meet the Press:

    DEAN: We have an alternative agenda. We made it very clear. We want a strong national security based on telling the truth to our people at home, our soldiers and our allies. We want jobs in America that will stay in America, and we believe that renewable energy is one of the areas where we can do that. We want a health care system that covers everybody, just like 36 other countries in the world. We want a strong public education system. And most of all, we want honesty back in government. I think that is a pretty good agenda.

    RUSSERT: But those are words that will appeal to people. But when you go behind them, for example, what is the Democratic position on Iraq? Should we withdraw troops now? What do the Democrats stand for?

    DEAN: Tim, first of all, we do not control the House, the Senate or the White House. We have plenty of time to show Americans what our agenda is and we will long before the 2006 elections.

    RUSSERT: But there is no Democratic plan on Social Security. There is no Democratic plan on the deficit problem. There is no specifics. They say, "Well, we want a strong Social Security. We want to reduce the deficit. We want health care for everyone," but there is no plan how to pay for it.

    DEAN: Right now it is not our job to give out specifics. We have no control in the House. We have no control in the Senate. It is our job to stop this administration, this corrupt and incompetent administration, from doing more damage to America. And that is what we are going to do. We are doing our best. Look at the trouble they are having putting together a budget. Why is that? Because there is still a few moderate Republicans left who do not think it's OK to cut school lunch programs, who do not think it is OK to do some of the appalling things that they are doing in their budget. I saw a show last night, which showed a young African American man in California at the UC of Davis who hoped to go to law school. The Republicans want to cut $14 billion out of higher education so this kid cant go to law school. We are going to do better than that, and together, America can do better than that.

    RUSSERT: But is it enough for you to say to the country, "Trust us, the other guy is no good. We will do better, but we are not going to tell you specifically how we are going to deal with Iraq."

    DEAN: We will. When the time comes, we will do that.

    RUSSERT: When is the time going to come?

    DEAN: The time is fast approaching. And I outlined the broad outlines of our agenda. We are going to have specific plans in all of these areas.

    RUSSERT: This year?

    DEAN: In 2006.

    Kudos to Tim Russert for showing Howard Dean just how empty his rhetoric is. I guess the lesson here is, if you have good ideas to make the country better and stronger you keep them to yourselves so you can win elections. Playing politics with war and the economy is just wrong.

    Shared by Silke @ 9:43 PM

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