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    Wednesday, December 28, 2005

    Stop Drugging Boys
    Here's the scenario: me at the park with an acquaintance and her friend sitting on a bench watching kids and talking.
    G= Greta L=Lady
    L I have boys 6 and 8
    G - Mine are 7 & 9
    L - We should introduce them to each other
    G - Come here "Johnny" - let me introduce you my boys and their friends that I brought to the park
    L - Thank you for doing that, he is an introvert
    G - I wouldn't know what it is like to have an introvert- none of my kids are
    L- Well he wouldn't be if he wasn't on medication - he would be all wild
    G- nothing - (don't get me going on what was going on in my mind)
    1. we are on school vacation, so if your kid is taking a current medication, let them be off of it
    2. is it good for this kid to be made an introvert by medicine?
    3. are parents drugging kids just because they don't want to deal with them
    4. is there really ODD (opposition defiance disorder)?

    I am just armchair pondering these questions and this scenario in my head. None of my kids require medication , though I had one teacher suggest my oldest had ADD and the guidance counselor told her he absolutely was not. Yes, some kids probably do much better in school with the proper medication, but does that teach them to really be "themselves" even if we don't like who they really are and how they really behave. So I am going to be so bold and play devil's advocate a bit by saying "boys need to be boys and not comatose children walking around in a drugged state."

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:23 AM

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