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    Thursday, December 29, 2005

    Kiss my Toosh Kathleen Parker!
    A Greta Rant...
    Ms. Kathleen (snob) Parker basically puts down bloggers and refers to us as babies and says to ignore us. Well then,wahhhh to her for the grief she receives from printing this piece of garbage on Town Hall! Bloggers do better at keeping the MSM in check than any other outlet has done before. I suppose she knows many MSM newspapers in the US that give daily accounts of a husband's deployment or the writings of a soldier with his boots planted firmly in Iraq or a mom who has a son injured in Iraq and is dealing with this on a daily basis. Blogs are "real life", state their agenda clear and up front and do it to share their story or agenda. This is a healthy outlet for the world to combat the slanted media.

    She gives apologies for all the doctors, lawyers and other elitists like her that should be spreading the news and makes a point that she is not talking about them. I hate to inform Ms. Parker, but many of the soldiers who write about their time in Iraq, don't fall into her "elitist criteria." She should head her Halston Suit and primped hair over to Milblogging.com and call all those contributors babies!

    Thanks to Elephant in my Coffee and the Florida Masochist for drawing my attention to this one and getting my blood pressure up this morning!

    Linked to: Left Behinds: Military Blogs

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:03 AM

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