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    Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    An Illegal in Oklahoma???

    I was driving Princess to school this afternoon and right outside my street we see the aftermath of an accident. I asked if I could do anything to the woman standing outside her car looking shaken up. She said, "go follow that man!"

    A young Hispanic man in a red coat had rear-ended her car and took off on foot. His car was completely trashed from the accident. I followed him in my car staying far enough behind to keep Princess and myself out of trouble. He ran and ran as fast as he could.

    Then, I see a guy driving in the neighborhood the guy was running through and I ask for his help. He says"well that isn't my yard he is running through." I answer "so the you don't care?"He then turns his car around and follows me until the man ran into another neighborhood we could not access.

    I drove back to the scene of the accident and spoke to the police to tell him what the man was wearing and in what direction he was heading.

    The summary of this true story:

    • the man who ran was either an illegal or stole the car
    • the woman will have to pay for the repairs out of her pocket
    • illegals are problems in all states (not just the border where I used to live)
    • most people like the man who I spoke to would rather look the other way when it doesn't directly involve them!

    Talk amongst yourselves. Should I play devil's advocate and say "I think all illegals should be rounded up and sent back to the place they originate from at their government's expense?"

    I am feeling pretty sick and am being treated for strep, even though the doc didn't even run a strep test!!! Don't forget to vote for my 7 year old every day - it ends the 15th!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 5:06 PM

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