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    Friday, December 16, 2005

    Greta's Stupid-Ass End Of The Year Awards 2005 - Finally
    Okay, first, I'm not Greta nor am I Silke. I am the new, and only, man on this blog. Lord, help me. I go by the name Indian Chris and I run the site Right-Wing & Right Minded. Greta has invited me to join her blog so I thought I would take her up on her offer. I guess I should give a very brief intro to myself. I'm 26, half Cherokee half White and I'm a geek. My likes include Star Wars and Star Trek. My dislikes include those crazy nutballs on the Left. Okay, that's enough. On with the post.

    Greta here, since my hubby didn't get my humor, I added the explanations in parenthesis. Enjoy!!!

    Beth from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Most Popular Blogger In A Room Full Of Drunken Sailors (she was in the Air Force (I insulted her and called her a Marine) and curses once in a while and I adore her)

    JP From Hooah.net: Most Modest Blogger (this is extremely sarcastic)

    Don Surber from Don Surber: Blogger Most Likely To Blogroll Themselves (this guy is everywhere, if you haven't seen him-you will)

    Buckley F. Williams from the Nose on Your Face: Most Popular Serious Liberal Blogger (this is a satirical right slanting blog)

    Jo from Jo's Cafe: Blogger Who Most Closely Resembles Their Avatar (the cartoonish picture on her sidebar)

    Chevy Rose from Sleepless Mind: Blogger Most Likely To Give You The Coat Off Her Back And Run To The Nearest Casino For Warmth (generous and loves to gamble)

    Indian Chris from Right-Wing & Right Minded: Blogger Most Likely To Be Hired As The Crying Indian In An Ad Should Hillary Win In '08 (I can see the lone tear on his face as he looks over the White House)

    Deb & Cat from Elephant in My Coffee: Blogger Most Likely To Cut You Off With Their Minivan If You Have A Kerry/Edwards Sticker (well they would)

    Amy Proctor From Amy Proctor: Blogger With The Most Troll Magnetism (Amy, I don't know how you get so many trolls, but I adore you)

    Mr & Mrs Greyhawk from The Mudville Gazette, Mr & Mrs. Smash from Indepundit, Jack & Charmaine Yoest from Reasoned Audactiy & Jack Yoest:Blogging Couples Most Likely To Start A "Blog Swinging Group"
    (out of character for all - that is the humor)

    Matt from Blackfive: Blogger Most Likely To Use A Sharpie To Black Out France On Public Globes & Maps (he had an incident with a French VIP that got him in a bit of trouble).

    Echo9er from Echo9er: Blog That Should Be Read By More Than His Mother And Closest Paid Friends

    Silke from
    Hooah Wife: Newest Blogger Addict In a 12-Step Program

    Jay & Gribbit from
    Stop The ACLU: Most Popular Bloggers At A NAMBLA Convention

    Bob from Crazy
    Politicos Rantings: Best Deranged Commenter

    Len from
    Rite Turn Only: Blogger Most Likely To Refuse To Take A Left Turn

    C.R. Mountjoy from
    Right Always: Blogger Most Likely To Turn Right Just To Prove A Point

    Bill from
    The Florida masochist: Blogger Most Likely To Smoke You In Chess And A Political Debate

    The Gray Tie from & Liz from Explicitly Ambiguous : bloggers Most Likely To Tell You To Shove Your Left Agenda And Put It Where The sun Don't Shine

    Mike from
    Ex Scientia, Veritas: The blogger With An "Eye" For A Positive Slant (He's An Eye Doctor)

    Don Singleton from Don Singleton: Blogger Considered Techie "Father Time." (If you've seen the picture of his long white beard and know about his computer background -you'd get it)

    Specialist Phil Van Treuren from Camp Katrina: Cutest Blogger If I Were Young And Single (ladies, I believe he is still single)

    Banagor from Broadsword: Blogger With The Most Wishes
    (he has his personal Amazon wish list and a Conservative Wish list on his blog)

    Michael Bates of Batesline: Least Popular Blogger At An Atheist's Convention (A very conservative Christian blogger, need I say more?)

    Shayne from Shayne's Blog: Blogger With The Most "Heart"
    (heart transplant recipient)

    Brainhell from Brain Hell: Blogger Most Likely To Stir Things Up And Has The Sexiest Brain MRI (he has ALS)

    Patrick from It's A Matter Of Opinion & Felis from Democracy Frontline: Worst Blogging Breakup Since Nick & Jessica (I still can't decide which breakup I am sadder about)

    Okie on the Lam from Okie on The Lam...In L.A.: Blogger Most Likely To Say "Dude, Where's My Chew?" (Good ole boy living in California)

    That I Forgot To Mention: This Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You, I'm Just Getting Old (hey Chris, I didn't write that-37 is not old...or is it?) Basil I do love you! The Patriette, Running on Coffee...etc....

    My Mother, Ruth, Stacey, Jamie B, Terri B, Haley, Bonnie, Miro : Faithful Blogging Nomads: Thank You For Being Here For Me (waiting for you all to get your own blog so I can blogroll you)

    Man, that was a lot of typing. If you would like to collect your plaque to display on your site, head here and congratulations to everyone.

    Shared by Christopher Lee @ 9:01 AM

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