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    Friday, December 02, 2005


    The time honored tradition of the Army Navy game is set to take place again tomorrow. Hubby is an 85 grad of West Point - The United States Military Academy, his brother 78 and Silke (my guest poster) a 91 grad - you can bet who we are routing for! This truly is the only game that matters all year and has many traditional roots associated with it. Oliver North was pumped up about it Thursday on Hannity (he is routing for the other side).
    Game FYIs:

    • Just like any other football team, there is the friendly "borrowing" of mascots and items
    • Army mascot is a mule and Navy is a goat
    • West Point Societies often get together to watch the games all over the US
    • The first Army vs. Navy game was in 1890
    • There will be a special twist to honor fallen soldiers this year
    • ESPN will have pre-game specials today
    • "Upon the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that upon other fields; on other days, will bear the fruits of victory." ~General Douglas MacArthur~

    Q: What do plebes rank? (a plebe is a first year/freshmen)

    A: "Sir, the superintendent's dog, the Commandant's cat, the waiters in the Mess Hall, the Hell Cats, the Generals in the Air Force and all the Admirals in the whole damned Navy."

    http://www.basementwindowfilms.com/army-navy2005.wmv (3 minute clip but worth it if you are a die hard!

    Other blogs talking about this: Black five, The Patriette, The Military Outpost

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:41 AM

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