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    Friday, December 30, 2005

    f/u Kathleen Parker
    Last night hubby and I talked about my post on Ms. Parker. He said, "Ms. Parker" just sounds like some uptight housewife in her article. Is she really a journalist?" (or something close to that). So I did a little blogger research ( so pathetic to Ms.Parker, but I don't make money from this and run a household with 3 small kids and 6 pets) and, yes, she publishes everywhere and is considered "right wing." She is an Orlando Sentinel Syndicated Columnist and her stuff appears in Townhall, Jewish World Review and various other publications. There was a funny article about her being an Ann Coulter Wanabee and she has pushed some buttons on gay marriage and other topics in the past... Well, I know one thing - she pissed me off yesterday! Here is what I dug up today about follow-ups in the news:

    Internet polluted by bloggers writing without responsibility
    Gwinnett Daily Post, GA - 11 hours ago

    Does the Tribune have a beef with bloggers?
    Chicagoist, IL - 23 hours ago
    In the piece, Kathleen Parker takes on the bloggers. ... has the same microphone as some random opinion columnist? ... smearing bloggers in general, Ms. Parker does a ...

    LA Times Burned By Fake Press Release
    Wizbang, DC - Dec 29, 2005
    Why just yesterday columnist Kathleen Parker was calling the great unwashed masses of bloggerdom the next Al Qaeda for attacking those clock punching wage ...

    COMMENTARY: Lord of the Blogs
    Victorville Daily Press, CA - Dec 29, 2005
    ... ignore them.

    Lord Of The Blogs
    Yankton Daily Press, SD - Dec 27, 2005

    and tons more blogger commentary from this Technorati link

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:52 AM

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