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    Monday, December 19, 2005

    Ahhhh...sweet vacation!
    I am so relaxed - I woke up tired (is that possible-lol). I am having a blast seeing friends, chilling and not having any mommy responsibilities! Yesterday I had breakfast and dinner served to me - wow (and it was way better than anything I've ever made)!!! Ruth and Milt both love to cook and like good food! I could get used to this and may purposely miss my plane home Wednesday (just joking honey). Got a late call last night about a child bleeding at my house and what to do!!! Nothing major - just the Mom -what do we do comfort? Great job honey-really!

    I got to see my old pal Deb (left above) and had a blast touring the store she helped start and now works in. It is filled with very, sale we say,ostentatious stuff and had some statues that will give me nightmares (esp. the clown ones). Overall, it was a really cool store and I hope Deb enjoyed the sarcastic and laughing Greta as we toured. Thank goodness there were no customers in there at the time or we would have had to stop giggling and acting goofy!

    Happy Monday!

    I haven't been on the puter much as I am trying to chill and enjoy all my good friends! I'll leave the political and serious stuff up to Chris and Silke until I get home. However, we not may see much of Silke as her hubby comes home for his R&R from Iraq today!!!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:23 AM

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