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    Saturday, December 31, 2005

    Fabulous Tribute
    Leave it to Amy Proctor to come up with a tremendous military video tribute! Please make an effort to watch it! Hooah to her for being such a wonderful a Hooah Wife. Hooah to Johnny (her hubby) for serving this great nation and Hooah to her kids for being Hooah Brats!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:42 PM

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    Is it Iran's Time?
    With the New Year ringing in , has the US decided they are for once and all sick and tired of Iran? I am and according to the Jerusalem Post - so is the US! Talk amongst yourselves!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:22 PM

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    Fellow blogger gets cartoon

    Our friend Bill Roggio at Fourth Rail gets his own comic strip!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:20 AM

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    Friday, December 30, 2005

    f/u Kathleen Parker
    Last night hubby and I talked about my post on Ms. Parker. He said, "Ms. Parker" just sounds like some uptight housewife in her article. Is she really a journalist?" (or something close to that). So I did a little blogger research ( so pathetic to Ms.Parker, but I don't make money from this and run a household with 3 small kids and 6 pets) and, yes, she publishes everywhere and is considered "right wing." She is an Orlando Sentinel Syndicated Columnist and her stuff appears in Townhall, Jewish World Review and various other publications. There was a funny article about her being an Ann Coulter Wanabee and she has pushed some buttons on gay marriage and other topics in the past... Well, I know one thing - she pissed me off yesterday! Here is what I dug up today about follow-ups in the news:

    Internet polluted by bloggers writing without responsibility
    Gwinnett Daily Post, GA - 11 hours ago

    Does the Tribune have a beef with bloggers?
    Chicagoist, IL - 23 hours ago
    In the piece, Kathleen Parker takes on the bloggers. ... has the same microphone as some random opinion columnist? ... smearing bloggers in general, Ms. Parker does a ...

    LA Times Burned By Fake Press Release
    Wizbang, DC - Dec 29, 2005
    Why just yesterday columnist Kathleen Parker was calling the great unwashed masses of bloggerdom the next Al Qaeda for attacking those clock punching wage ...

    COMMENTARY: Lord of the Blogs
    Victorville Daily Press, CA - Dec 29, 2005
    ... ignore them.

    Lord Of The Blogs
    Yankton Daily Press, SD - Dec 27, 2005

    and tons more blogger commentary from this Technorati link

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:52 AM

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    Friday Fluff
    "Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you're forced to."

    ~Bill Vaughn~

    "I do think New Year's resolutions can't technically be expected to begin on New Year's Day, don't you? Since, because it's an extension of New Year's Eve, smokers are already on a smoking roll and cannot be expected to stop abruptly on the stroke of midnight with so much nicotine in the system. Also dieting on New Year's Day isn't a good idea as you can't eat rationally but really need to be free to consume whatever is necessary, moment by moment, in order to ease your hangover. I think it would be much more sensible if resolutions began generally on January the second."

    ~Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones's Diary~

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:25 AM

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    Thursday, December 29, 2005

    Kiss my Toosh Kathleen Parker!
    A Greta Rant...
    Ms. Kathleen (snob) Parker basically puts down bloggers and refers to us as babies and says to ignore us. Well then,wahhhh to her for the grief she receives from printing this piece of garbage on Town Hall! Bloggers do better at keeping the MSM in check than any other outlet has done before. I suppose she knows many MSM newspapers in the US that give daily accounts of a husband's deployment or the writings of a soldier with his boots planted firmly in Iraq or a mom who has a son injured in Iraq and is dealing with this on a daily basis. Blogs are "real life", state their agenda clear and up front and do it to share their story or agenda. This is a healthy outlet for the world to combat the slanted media.

    She gives apologies for all the doctors, lawyers and other elitists like her that should be spreading the news and makes a point that she is not talking about them. I hate to inform Ms. Parker, but many of the soldiers who write about their time in Iraq, don't fall into her "elitist criteria." She should head her Halston Suit and primped hair over to Milblogging.com and call all those contributors babies!

    Thanks to Elephant in my Coffee and the Florida Masochist for drawing my attention to this one and getting my blood pressure up this morning!

    Linked to: Left Behinds: Military Blogs

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:03 AM

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    Hooah Thursday Junk
    • traffic on the blogosphere has been slow this week - that time of year I guess
    • Stop the ACLUseless Thursday- if you haven't signed the on-line petition to stop them using tax-payer dollars head on over to here
    • scroll down for lots of goodies that have been posted this week *** the polls
    • questions for Basil
    • challenge of the day - go read one new blog and comment! Let me know what it was!
    • Talk to me...I'm surrounded by children all day!!!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:38 AM

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    Wednesday, December 28, 2005

    Wednesday Heroes
    Comanche Code Talkers
    This weeks Wednesday Hero isn't centered around just one soldier. It's about a whole race of soldiers. The Indian Code Talkers. For those that don't know who they were, they were American Indian soldiers who worked their respective languages into a code for the military to use. There're two misunderstandings most people have about the Indian Code Talkers.

    1) That they were only Navajo. That's because they're the most famous. But there were also Comanche and Choctaw Code Talkers with Choctaw being the first.

    2) That they were only used during W.W.II. They were also used during W.W.I.

    Now what's so special about the Code Talkers is that the Germans and Japanese had broken every code system the United States had used. Except one. Had it not been for the Indian Code Talkers, the outcome of either war may very well have been very different.

    Great link you should read.

    There's a great movie out called Windtalkers that's about the Code Talkers. It stars Nicholas Cage and Adam Beach. If you've never seen it, this would be the perfect time to do so.
    These brave men and women risk their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

    If you have a loved who has served or is currently serving in the armed forces, and would like for me to profile them as a Wednesday Hero, I would be proud to. Just email me with some info and a photo.
    We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams.
    Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look

    Shared by Christopher Lee @ 10:06 AM

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    How many people know you blog? (read or write)

    View Results

    When do you blog the most?

    View Results

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:44 AM

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    Stop Drugging Boys
    Here's the scenario: me at the park with an acquaintance and her friend sitting on a bench watching kids and talking.
    G= Greta L=Lady
    L I have boys 6 and 8
    G - Mine are 7 & 9
    L - We should introduce them to each other
    G - Come here "Johnny" - let me introduce you my boys and their friends that I brought to the park
    L - Thank you for doing that, he is an introvert
    G - I wouldn't know what it is like to have an introvert- none of my kids are
    L- Well he wouldn't be if he wasn't on medication - he would be all wild
    G- nothing - (don't get me going on what was going on in my mind)
    1. we are on school vacation, so if your kid is taking a current medication, let them be off of it
    2. is it good for this kid to be made an introvert by medicine?
    3. are parents drugging kids just because they don't want to deal with them
    4. is there really ODD (opposition defiance disorder)?

    I am just armchair pondering these questions and this scenario in my head. None of my kids require medication , though I had one teacher suggest my oldest had ADD and the guidance counselor told her he absolutely was not. Yes, some kids probably do much better in school with the proper medication, but does that teach them to really be "themselves" even if we don't like who they really are and how they really behave. So I am going to be so bold and play devil's advocate a bit by saying "boys need to be boys and not comatose children walking around in a drugged state."

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:23 AM

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    Tuesday, December 27, 2005

    Slanted Media?
    Please read here! A new fabulous blog from a Sniper in Iraq.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:54 PM

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    Jews, ADL and Evangelical Christians...Oh my!
    I recently have been questioning some of the recent stances of the ADL (anti-defamation league). For the most part I like their work and they do tons to promote anti-semitism. I was at Batesline tonight and saw this link to Julia Gorin's article and it really caught me as something I also had to share. Wow! There is another Conservative, Jewish, sarcastic woman - who woulda thunk? Fire back at me on this one (come on Mom - you liberal Jew).

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:30 PM

    | Permalink

    The Old Army vs. the new "relaxed" Army
    That hampster has been running esp. fast today - must be the caffeine again (love the Route 44 diet coke with cherry added in at Sonic).

    Back to the topic at hand. My neighbor has a son that surprised them by dropping out of college to join the military about a year ago ( they are very proud). He is now getting married this week to his high school sweetheart. They will be moving to Ft. Benning right after the wedding, where she will be away from her family for the first time and he will deploy for the first time.

    I told them to buy their future daughter-in-law The Military Wive's Handbook. I felt like and old biddy suggesting this purchase, but it sure has been useful for me. When I was dating hubby about 13 years ago, my neighbor lent me her then way outdated version. It talked about white gloves and how and when to remove them. I just about hurled at the thought of having to act prim and proper.

    Now looking back, I see how much I have learned as a military wife and how it affects me in my day to day life. I often mention stuff that military wives "just do" to my civilian friends and they have trouble relating. I guess I have been part of this life for so long, I now don't know another way to be. I am also reflecting because in about 8 months time I will no longer be an Active Duty Hooah wife, but an old biddy (I'll be 38) with a retired hubby.

    A few things I have definitely learned as a military spouse that I wouldn't have if I was a civilian wife:
    • a gazillion acronyms- I actually took a class to learn those and still get caught off guard every once in a while
    • the highest ranking official should always leave the party first
    • how to do a receiving line (leave your purse behind)
    • How to entertain and not become a mental case - when I was 7 days into this house I was (asked LOL) told I was going to be giving the next Hail and Farewell. I pulled it off- somehow. The last major one I did - we played co-ed Bunco and had pizza, beer and ice-cream sundaes (it was fun)
    • never get drunk at military functions (2 glasses of wine max)
    • RSVP & send thank you cards
    • that no matter how relaxed you are, young soldiers and their significant others will be fairly uptight in your presence
    • avoid talking politics and religion (these days I don't care, but early on - I never did - now they read my blog)
    • how to mingle and not be obnoxious or rude
    • it is always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed (today anything seems to go, but dress is always on the invitation and you should follow accordingly) Texas casual, semi-formal, casual, formal, change of command dress
    • don't ask - just do it! someone loses a family member - you tell them you are coming over with food and to take their kids to the movies
    • friends are your family away from family without the fuss - I just had a friend driving through town before Christmas. We were neighbors 11 years ago and have managed to see each other every few years and never have a awkward moment

    I just hope that the new "relaxed" Army (since this is all I know) still appreciates some of the things I have learned and follows suit. I was glad I didn't have to wear white gloves "old Army" but still had to "play grown-up" enough that I can now handle things with ease. Hampster is tired and must go make Potoato Latkes for dinner!

    By the way - I am in the running for a Milbloggie award - I am not going to pimp a bunch of votes this time - but if you don't mind - it is simple:

    HOW DO I VOTE? To vote, simply Register a FREE account with Milblogging.com. Sign in. Then, vote for your favorite milblogs by clicking "Add to Favorites" in your Milblogging.com account. It's that easy. You can only register one Milblogging.com account, but you can vote for as many milblogs as you'd like. I am in the Military Spouse category!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:36 AM

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    The McCain Amendment - Part II
    My earlier post about the McCain amendment sparked an interesting debate between Don Singleton and I. Of course we both agree that torture is wrong, but I think we differ on our definition of cruel, inhuman and degrading (CID) treatment. The problem is that these definitions are so subjective. Don argues that some Muslims could consider questioning by a female interrogator degrading. I see his point but I don't consider that rising to the level of CID. We discussed "waterboarding" (a technique that makes the subject feel as if they are drowning), which is believed to have been used on several high-level detainees. I consider waterboarding torture, but even if it does not meet the legal definition, it is certainly cruel and inhuman. Aside from the moral argument that CID is wrong, I would argue aggressive interrogation techniques that involve physical or mental suffering usually do not produce useful information. There is an interesting article about CIA veterans who recently spoke out against the use of "heavy-handed" interrogations and I've paraphrased some of that article below:

    During the Vietnam War, the highest-ranking Vietcong prisoner captured (Nguye Van Tai) was interrogated by both South Vietnamese and American forces. The South Vietnamese used techniques that included electric shocks, beating, various forms of water torture, stress positions, food, water, and sleep deprivation.
    The Americans used rapport-building and no violence. While the South Vietnamese
    use of aggressive techniques did result (eventually) in Tai's admission of his
    true identity, it did not provide any other usable information. In the end, it
    was the skillful questions and psychological ploys of the Americans, and not any
    physical infliction of pain, that produced the only useful (albeit limited)
    information that Tai ever provided.

    One of the big lessons for the Americans was that the South Vietnamese techniques got in the way of getting information. When those who were aggressively questioned were asked why they didn't provide the interrogators the information, they said that the interrogators got so involved in what they were doing that they did not even bother to ask questions. It essentially became an end unto itself. The only time you can be sure that what you're getting from someone is valid is through discourse. In Tai's case, the idea was to develop absolute trust, which you do not do by alienating and humiliating someone.

    This is not to say we should befriend those we interrogate. I am simply saying that if the moral argument against aggressive interrogation techniques is not enough then consider the pragmatic argument. It generally does not work. The ticking-time-bomb scenario that exemplifies our worst fears about the terrorists, seems to be driving a lot of the debate. There are those who advocate for more security at the expense of some of our principles and civil liberties. There are others who dismiss this threat and are unwilling to give our government the tools it needs to confront a very real danger. I think both arguments have merit, but when it comes to our policy on interrogations we must stand firm on our commitment to reject cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. We cannot water down these definitions to the point that they become meaningless. There are better and smarter ways to get the information we need.

    Shared by Silke @ 9:57 AM

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    Monday, December 26, 2005

    Ask Away..it is question day!!!
    • Happy Monday
    • Wear elastic waist pants and drink lots of water
    • You have one more week to do whatever you do in excess and make that stupid New Year's resolution (I don't)
    • PLEASE go over to Basil's blog and ask questions about me that you have been wondering about - come on folks!
    • Click on my right margin (THE BIG QUESTION MARK) and ask your questions for Basil-whether you know him or not!
    • enjoying my new coffee maker
    • going to play with my XM radio today - very cool!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:45 AM

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    Sunday, December 25, 2005

    Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas!
    Don't worry - I'm not forgetting you Festivus Celebrators! Fabulous to have hubby home this year and not have to do the whole holiday thing alone! Lots of great gifts and more important -quality family time (boy that margarita tasted good tonight). In case you are clueless to the whole Hanukkah thing and like my company last night, had no idea that the Hebrew calendar changed the date every year- click here or here for the condensed version.

    No - I don't even drink the stuff! Just thought it was funny!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:41 PM

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    Friday, December 23, 2005

    Merry Christmas
    I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Hanukkah. I'm contractually forced obligated by Greta and the ACLU to say that. ;)

    I'll return on Monday. I hope everyone gets what they asked Santa for. Be safe and have fun.

    p.s. from Greta - ditto what Chris said and please go to Norad Santa to track the big guy and the reindeer. Lots of people work hard to make this a good site! Here is my Christmas greeting to all.

    Shared by Christopher Lee @ 11:03 PM

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    Friday Fluff

    Happy Friday...I don't feel like talking politics today. I am focusing on making Gingerbread boys & girls. However, it is possible that my Howard Dean gingerbread becomes a voodoo doll!

    Fire back at me the worst or silliest gift you ever received. My grandmother loves birds and I used to join her in her interest so we would have something in common. From ages 8 until about 12 I got a wooden bird each year. I had to hold in my chuckles when my dad would sit across from me and say "I wonder what you got this year?"

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:27 AM

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    Thursday, December 22, 2005

    That's Funny
    You all have to read this. I haven't laughed that hard in some time. Our fair Spork has the best sense of humor.

    Shared by Christopher Lee @ 10:08 PM

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    Wednesday, December 21, 2005

    The countdown...

    Cartoon stolen from here . I'm home in case you were missing me!!!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 11:26 PM

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    Wednesday Hero
    Army Specialist Peter Navarro
    Army Specialist Peter Navarro
    20 years old from Wildwood, Missiouri
    2nd Battalion, 70th Armor, 3rd Brigade Combat Team
    December 13, 2005

    A Ballwin family, still grieving over the loss of one son, is coming to grips with the death of another, killed Tuesday in Iraq.
    Army Specialist Peter Navarro was 20 years old, and only one month away from coming home.

    Navarro's father, Jose, says, "In our last conversation he told us, 'Don't send any mail because on December 20th, we won't be getting anymore mail for our unit.' They were getting ready to head back."

    Then on Tuesday, his parents received the terrible news.

    Their son was part of a mission to secure an area for Iraq's historic parliamentary elections. "An explosive device detonated, killing everybody in the Humvee," says Navarro.

    Navarro and three members of his unit were killed.

    "He died because he was trying to make a difference, and being a soldier was what was making a difference in this time of life," says his father.

    Jose Navarro spent 23 years as a Navy medic.

    Following in his father's footsteps, Peter joined the Army right after graduation from Lafayette High School in 2003, forgoing his acceptance at Truman State.

    And just six months ago, the Navarros suffered another tragedy. Their middle son, Daniel, died in an accident.

    On a visit home, Peter, concerned for his unit's safety, decided not to take an extended leave. He told his mother, Rowena, "'They're already one man short back there and he didn't want that. Somebody's taking my place and that's not fair.' He said, 'They'd do the same thing for me.'"

    The Navarros, still grieving for one son, must now bury their oldest child.
    "He touched so many hearts. When you become a friend with Peter you have a friend for life."

    These brave men and women have given their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

    Also, if you have a loved who has served or is currently serving in the armed forces, and would like for me to profile them as a Wednesday Hero, I would be proud to. Just email me with some info and a photo.

    Crossposted @ Right-Wing & Right Minded
    We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams.
    Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look

    Shared by Christopher Lee @ 9:44 AM

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    Hola Amigos!
    Back to bullet blogging "I am the original bullet blogger." Lots of crud going on in my little brain.

    • Vincente Foxx is an idiot! Does he let "illegals" into his country? No! Does he help the US? No! Do we help Mexico? yes! Would the guest worker program work - hell yes! As long as there are strict rules for heading back when they are done!
    • Does talking about immigration make someone a racist? no - and probably the biggest reason we have such porous borders. Politicians as well as everyday dumb folk like me have definite views on immigration and aren't racist just because we have solutions and ideas about it!
    • How is it possible friends of mine still don't know what a blog is? Of course they heard me preaching from my blog pulpit on why they should get on my blog and maybe even start their own - it is way better than any counseling they can receive - therapeutic and productive (not sure about the last one)
    • Question posed to me: Is the ACLU the shadow of the Democratic party?

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:01 AM

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    Tuesday, December 20, 2005

    Why El Paso?
    • enjoying every minute of R&R, good food, good friends, nice weather
    • lots of...will you ever move back to El Paso?
    • Why not return: crappy politics, border issues, schools aren't that great
    • Why to return: Good cost of living, good friends, good food
    • Of course, a job would be the only reason to move to El Paso...so I won't rule it out
    • then again, I don't want to MOVE AGAIN!!!

    Question of the day: Do Mrs. Germ and Mrs. Anthrax get preferred seating in a restaraunt?

    Thought of the day: Do you really give a rats ass if the governmenbt is spying on suspected terrorists? I know - beating a dead horse with this one - call the ACLU

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 11:57 AM

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    Monday, December 19, 2005

    Ahhhh...sweet vacation!
    I am so relaxed - I woke up tired (is that possible-lol). I am having a blast seeing friends, chilling and not having any mommy responsibilities! Yesterday I had breakfast and dinner served to me - wow (and it was way better than anything I've ever made)!!! Ruth and Milt both love to cook and like good food! I could get used to this and may purposely miss my plane home Wednesday (just joking honey). Got a late call last night about a child bleeding at my house and what to do!!! Nothing major - just the Mom -what do we do comfort? Great job honey-really!

    I got to see my old pal Deb (left above) and had a blast touring the store she helped start and now works in. It is filled with very, sale we say,ostentatious stuff and had some statues that will give me nightmares (esp. the clown ones). Overall, it was a really cool store and I hope Deb enjoyed the sarcastic and laughing Greta as we toured. Thank goodness there were no customers in there at the time or we would have had to stop giggling and acting goofy!

    Happy Monday!

    I haven't been on the puter much as I am trying to chill and enjoy all my good friends! I'll leave the political and serious stuff up to Chris and Silke until I get home. However, we not may see much of Silke as her hubby comes home for his R&R from Iraq today!!!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:23 AM

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    Sunday, December 18, 2005

    To Do List
    Before Great went on sabbatical she gave me a list of things to do. Dang, it's like I'm married or something. And way, if you'll look to your right you'll notice a new item. Quote of the week. Scroll down just a bit and look to your left. You'll notice pictures and profiles for Silke and myself. Silke said she would get me a photo soon. And the last thing you'll notice is something that Greta has been asking for help on for a couple of weeks. Look to the Shared by line at the end of the posts. Now all three of us will have our posts identified when we write one. There we're other things she wanted but those'll have to wait until she returns. I'm sure Greta would like some feedback.

    Shared by Christopher Lee @ 11:23 PM

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    Saturday, December 17, 2005

    White House Endorses McCain Amendment (Silke)
    I support the McCain amendment and I am relieved that, on Thursday, the White House reversed its earlier opposition and is now endorsing it. I say relieved because the fact that the White House was even questioning legislation that would finally put an end to the torture debate disappointed me.

    As far as I am concerned there is no debate. Torture is immoral, illegal and unnecessary. It is against everything we stand for as a free nation. This is not about who our enemies are (no matter how evil). It is fundamentally about who we are. The McCain amendment is a true victory in the Global War on Terrorism. We have demonstrated to our enemies that despite our fears we cannot be shaken from our moral foundation.

    Update on my husband: Two days and counting. He called from Kuwait today and left a cryptic message on the answering machine incase our boys were listening.

    Shared by Silke @ 8:03 PM

    | Permalink

    Americans are being spied on. Again, I reiterate what I've already said about this. I don't care. If they're doing these taps without the court-approved warrant they're doing it for good reason. It's not as if they're randomly tapping my or your phone just to see what we're talking about. If they're monitoring calls from known al-Qaeda members and they call someone in the U.S., I want the government to tap that persons phone when they have to. Not wait three months for the warrant to be approved.
    Crossposted @ Right-Wing & Right Minded

    Shared by Christopher Lee @ 12:08 PM

    | Permalink

    I can't believe I'm pulling this off
    While you all continue to stress about incoming relatives like Uncle Eddy and Aunt Bethany(Christmas Vacation), this Hooah Wife is heading to El Paso to visit some friends for 5 days(without the family). Hubby decided he wanted to cancel our vacation plans so he could spend some time at home with the kiddos and kitties - Peanut & Noel. I decided if I didn't want to vacation someplace that has lots of white and padded rooms - I needed a break. I'll be staying with Ruth one of my dearest friends and faithful Hooah readers. She doesn't have kids - so it will be R&R!!! I'll have to share some pictures of me and all my pals. The good news is, I have 2 official guest contributors now - Silke (see-ka) and Indian Chris. Now I can truly relax (or worry) that this blog is in good hands while I'm gone.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:45 AM

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    Friday, December 16, 2005

    Greta's Stupid-Ass End Of The Year Awards 2005 - Finally
    Okay, first, I'm not Greta nor am I Silke. I am the new, and only, man on this blog. Lord, help me. I go by the name Indian Chris and I run the site Right-Wing & Right Minded. Greta has invited me to join her blog so I thought I would take her up on her offer. I guess I should give a very brief intro to myself. I'm 26, half Cherokee half White and I'm a geek. My likes include Star Wars and Star Trek. My dislikes include those crazy nutballs on the Left. Okay, that's enough. On with the post.

    Greta here, since my hubby didn't get my humor, I added the explanations in parenthesis. Enjoy!!!

    Beth from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Most Popular Blogger In A Room Full Of Drunken Sailors (she was in the Air Force (I insulted her and called her a Marine) and curses once in a while and I adore her)

    JP From Hooah.net: Most Modest Blogger (this is extremely sarcastic)

    Don Surber from Don Surber: Blogger Most Likely To Blogroll Themselves (this guy is everywhere, if you haven't seen him-you will)

    Buckley F. Williams from the Nose on Your Face: Most Popular Serious Liberal Blogger (this is a satirical right slanting blog)

    Jo from Jo's Cafe: Blogger Who Most Closely Resembles Their Avatar (the cartoonish picture on her sidebar)

    Chevy Rose from Sleepless Mind: Blogger Most Likely To Give You The Coat Off Her Back And Run To The Nearest Casino For Warmth (generous and loves to gamble)

    Indian Chris from Right-Wing & Right Minded: Blogger Most Likely To Be Hired As The Crying Indian In An Ad Should Hillary Win In '08 (I can see the lone tear on his face as he looks over the White House)

    Deb & Cat from Elephant in My Coffee: Blogger Most Likely To Cut You Off With Their Minivan If You Have A Kerry/Edwards Sticker (well they would)

    Amy Proctor From Amy Proctor: Blogger With The Most Troll Magnetism (Amy, I don't know how you get so many trolls, but I adore you)

    Mr & Mrs Greyhawk from The Mudville Gazette, Mr & Mrs. Smash from Indepundit, Jack & Charmaine Yoest from Reasoned Audactiy & Jack Yoest:Blogging Couples Most Likely To Start A "Blog Swinging Group"
    (out of character for all - that is the humor)

    Matt from Blackfive: Blogger Most Likely To Use A Sharpie To Black Out France On Public Globes & Maps (he had an incident with a French VIP that got him in a bit of trouble).

    Echo9er from Echo9er: Blog That Should Be Read By More Than His Mother And Closest Paid Friends

    Silke from
    Hooah Wife: Newest Blogger Addict In a 12-Step Program

    Jay & Gribbit from
    Stop The ACLU: Most Popular Bloggers At A NAMBLA Convention

    Bob from Crazy
    Politicos Rantings: Best Deranged Commenter

    Len from
    Rite Turn Only: Blogger Most Likely To Refuse To Take A Left Turn

    C.R. Mountjoy from
    Right Always: Blogger Most Likely To Turn Right Just To Prove A Point

    Bill from
    The Florida masochist: Blogger Most Likely To Smoke You In Chess And A Political Debate

    The Gray Tie from & Liz from Explicitly Ambiguous : bloggers Most Likely To Tell You To Shove Your Left Agenda And Put It Where The sun Don't Shine

    Mike from
    Ex Scientia, Veritas: The blogger With An "Eye" For A Positive Slant (He's An Eye Doctor)

    Don Singleton from Don Singleton: Blogger Considered Techie "Father Time." (If you've seen the picture of his long white beard and know about his computer background -you'd get it)

    Specialist Phil Van Treuren from Camp Katrina: Cutest Blogger If I Were Young And Single (ladies, I believe he is still single)

    Banagor from Broadsword: Blogger With The Most Wishes
    (he has his personal Amazon wish list and a Conservative Wish list on his blog)

    Michael Bates of Batesline: Least Popular Blogger At An Atheist's Convention (A very conservative Christian blogger, need I say more?)

    Shayne from Shayne's Blog: Blogger With The Most "Heart"
    (heart transplant recipient)

    Brainhell from Brain Hell: Blogger Most Likely To Stir Things Up And Has The Sexiest Brain MRI (he has ALS)

    Patrick from It's A Matter Of Opinion & Felis from Democracy Frontline: Worst Blogging Breakup Since Nick & Jessica (I still can't decide which breakup I am sadder about)

    Okie on the Lam from Okie on The Lam...In L.A.: Blogger Most Likely To Say "Dude, Where's My Chew?" (Good ole boy living in California)

    That I Forgot To Mention: This Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You, I'm Just Getting Old (hey Chris, I didn't write that-37 is not old...or is it?) Basil I do love you! The Patriette, Running on Coffee...etc....

    My Mother, Ruth, Stacey, Jamie B, Terri B, Haley, Bonnie, Miro : Faithful Blogging Nomads: Thank You For Being Here For Me (waiting for you all to get your own blog so I can blogroll you)

    Man, that was a lot of typing. If you would like to collect your plaque to display on your site, head here and congratulations to everyone.

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    Thursday, December 15, 2005

    Greta's Stupid-Ass End of Year Awards 2005
    The rest will be coming in over the next 24 hours!

    Beth from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

    JP from Hooah.net

    Don Surber from Don Surber

    Buckley F. Williams from the Nose on Your Face

    Jo from Jo's Cafe

    Chevy Rose from Sleepless Mind

    Indian Chris from Right Wing Right Minded

    Deb & Cat from Elephant in My Coffee

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    Finishing touches...
    The crowd is getting wild. I am putting on my finest outfit and laying out the ground rules. For those of you who think I am smoking something and have no idea what I am talking about...click here.

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    Nail Biting...
    For those of you that are checking back every 5 minutes or so to see when "Greta's end of year stupid-ass awards" are up. If you are worried you won't be included, comment here and I may still consider you for an award (even blogless nomads). Here is the buzz around town.

    "Wow - this Greta lady must have all the time in the world to put so much effort into giving awards."

    "I hope she hurries up so I can include it in the boring-ass Christmas letter I am sending out this year with the goofy picture of my kids."

    "This award will bring me closer to the top of the ecosystem - I just know it. One day I am nuclear waste and the next I am on top with God and the Bear - just because of this award."

    "I sure hope I get an award -it will be like an early Christmas/Hannukah gift."

    "This will be my 15 minutes of fame (shame)"

    "Hurry up Greta - the laundry can wait and hubby won't care if he doesn't have a home-cooked meal again!"

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    Hold Your Breath!

    Yes...within 24 hours the awards will be out!!! I have 2 internet gift ideas you will love click here and here!

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    Wednesday, December 14, 2005

    President Bush's Speech on Iraq (from Silke)
    President Bush gave a speech today on the Iraq war. There are two parts which really spoke to me: our reasons for going into Iraq and what the sacrifices of our soldiers will mean for generations to come. You can read the entire speech here.

    Why we are in Iraq:
    The stakes in Iraq are high, and we will not leave until victory has been achieved. Today there's an intense debate about the importance of Iraq to the war on terror. The constant headlines about car bombings and killings have led some to ask whether our presence in Iraq has made America less secure. This view presumes that if we were not in Iraq, the terrorists would be leaving us alone. The reality is that the terrorists have been targeting America for years, long before we ever set foot in Iraq.

    We were not in Iraq in 1993, when the terrorists tried to blow up the World Trade Center in New York. We were not in Iraq in 1998, when the terrorists bombed our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. We were not in Iraq in 2000, when the terrorists killed 17 American sailors aboard the USS Cole. There wasn't a single American soldier in Iraq on September the 11th, 2001, when the terrorists murdered nearly 3,000 people in the worst attack on our home since Pearl Harbor.

    Transforming nations from bitter foes to strong allies:

    In our fight to keep America free, we'll never quit. We've lost wonderful Americans like Ryan McGlothlin. We cherish the memory of each one. We pray for the loved ones they've left behind, and we count it a privilege to be citizens of a country they served. We also honor them by acknowledging that their sacrifice has brought us to this moment: the birth of a free and sovereign Iraqi nation that will be a friend of the United States, and a force for good in a troubled region of the world.

    The story of freedom has just begun in the Middle East. And when the history of these days is written, it will tell how America once again defended its own freedom by using liberty to transform nations from bitter foes to strong allies. And history will say that this generation, like generations before, laid the foundation of peace for generations to come.

    Update on my husband coming home from Iraq for Christmas: 5 days and counting. The deception plan is in place (our boys do not know he is coming home). They think we are going to the airport on Monday to pick up my mom.

    Shared by Silke @ 7:27 PM

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    I heard the interview last night on TV and O'Reilly dissected it on the radio today. It involves the 37 year old woman, pregnant and now married to a 15 year old boy. Now I am no MILF and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole scenario from American Pie with Stiffler's mom. But, it was purely for entertainment. Let me give you my 2 cents:

    • she had her first kid around 18
    • she is an attractive lonely woman with 3 teenagers
    • a teenager flirted with her and she went for it and saw nothing wrong with it
    • she is obviously not at the top of the gene pool and feels she has done no wrong
    • the boy involved is in the custody of his Grandmother and is currently locked up - not the cream of society
    • When I was 22, in good shape, taught PE and was an Athletic Trainer alone with young boys in the training room - the thought of any of them never crossed my mind. I used to think they were cute and got a kick watching their dating - but that was it.
    • Now that I am 37 -I can pass judgment on this woman - she is a pedophile by definition and truly a moron- plain and simple. She was stupid enough to think it was OK and let the boy make moves on her and never looked back
    • Her teenagers will be f^%*d up and so will this poor baby coming into the world probably as a ward of the state!
    • Does she need to be locked up because she is a danger to society and other children...probably not. But I guess stupid people get locked up all the time.
    • Fire back at me at will!

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    Some cyberfriends I want you to meet
    Monday and Wednesday are generally the largest reading days on my blog. Yes, I check my stats once in a while. I have been thinking about all the cool "virtual friends" I have made this past year. Before I hand out my awards (probably Thursday or Friday) I would like to let you know about some of the readers on my blogroll, esp. those coping with illness or disability. They don't want any pity, but I feel they are all very neat individuals in their own ways and would like to recognize them for who they are!

    Don Singleton is a Tulsa blogger. He has been on board with me sice I joined Blog Oklahoma. For those of you that don't know him, he is a homebound guy with lots of brains and fixes computers for the disadvantaged all over the world. He runs this out of his house with lots of volunteers helping him.

    Brain Hell my newest blogging friends is an early 40 something dad with 2 young children and is coping with ALS. We know from his writings that he is pretty feisty and his brain is still very much in tact.

    Shayne, who I consider a dear friend after blogging with him for about a year, has an interesting and amazing story. He is also in his early 40s and father of 4, spent 3 weeks in a coma and had a heart transplant 3 years ago. His catch phrase is "I used to be a nobody, until I had a change of heart." Thank goodness his new heart brought him over to the Republican side - LOL!

    The Florida Masochist is a very cool guy who endures the politics of Florida. He has a beautiful wife and they move forward as they have had many bumps in the road. He also suffers from medical conditions and now gets to hang out and blog most of the day (and play chess).

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    Is Iran Just Asking for it...or What?
    Building nukes, bid on nuclear stuff, stuffing Iraqi ballots, demolishing Israel, Holocaust a myth...It seems to me they are publicly egging the US on to see what we will do. Talk amongst yourselves!

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    Quick - What Movie?
    Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in The Beatles, I just believe in me." Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus and I'd still have to bum rides off of people.

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    Turning the tables on Basil
    Wow, I asked and he agreed. Basil, the man behind Basil's Blog has been conducting interviews all around the BS (blogosphere) and also is a stealth reader for daily roundups of who is talking about what. We all know him from his cute baby picture that he goes by, and yep, he claims it to be his real baby picture. He also is really named Basil (one can only speculate how that was given).

    Now it is time for Basil to have questions asked to him directly, right here, on this blog. Questions will close December 31st and answers will be posted the January 8th. So here we go folks...fire questions at will. When the answering is done, your name will be attached to the question...yadayadayada. Oh, and did I mention you can go to his blog and ask questions about me? You all know how shy I am and unwilling to share anything (hairball) so this is your opportunity to find out any little known facts of little interest about me!

    Send all questions to perrybrats@yahoo.com and put Basil as the subject. This post will stay on top until Christmas...scroll down to get any new goodies on this blog!

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    Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    You like me...You really really like me!
    • Thanks readers - I just moved up in the ecosystem from "reindeer droppings" to "bear snot." In other words, my readership is up and the blog ranking systems noticed me for once! Thanks for being there to listen to me spew garbage from my keyboard!
    • 2 more days to vote for my kid at the Weblog Awards
    • a couple of more days until my stupid-ass awards are presented (I know you can't stand waiting for this one)
    • I had to share this White Trash Christmas song (PG13) (no offense if you are WT-really)
    • Let's see some creative questions for Basil's Interview (scroll down- I was too lazy to change the date and put that post on top today) whether you know him or don't!
    • Sign my Frappr Map will ya (left sidebar)?
    • Happy News - bookmark this!
    • Blogless nomads - if you want any type of picture attached to your name when you comment, go to http://gravatar.com . It takes a few days for you to be approved, but well worth it!
    • Happy Tuesday!

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    Ta Ta Tookie
    As I continue to struggle with the death penalty, I bid good riddance to Tookie. Flicking through the news with hubby last night we noticed a strange skewed pattern. Only Fox News gave profiles of the murdered victims and discussed the horrible things he did while he was in prison. I don't give a rats ass if he redeemed himself by doing good while he was in there - he killed 4 innocent people (that we know of) and never took responsibility or apologized.

    JJackson, 50 lashes to you for comparing a murderer to Nelson Mandela and Ghandi.

    Bottom line, the death penalty is too easy and hard labor for the rest of his life would have been a better sentence than giving him time to meet with celebrities and write kids books!

    Talk amongst yourselves! Gotta go take care of a sick kid and play catch-up today!

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    Monday, December 12, 2005

    Fake Army Site
    Thanks VFW for this info:
    BLUF: The enemy has created a fake Army Knowledge Online (AKO) web page to lure you into giving up your AKO user name and password and stealing your identity. DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE.You may receive email, with a link, that directs you to go to this fake AKO site and log on. The only link for AKO is https://www.us.army.mil/ .The following site is intended to look like the AKO portal. It was setup to gather usernames and passwords of AKO user s. We have received one report of an email sent to an AKO user that linked to this website. In the event that you receive such an e-mail, do not open it; delete it immediately. If you enter your password to this site, it will be captured and could be used by an intruder to access the AKO portal and any other Army website that relies on AKO credentials.Our enemies will try any method to gain access to our networks. Thank you for doing your part, and thank you for your patience as we continue to work on keeping the network secure and reliable.
    Oliver K. WyrtkiLTC, SCCommander, 1112th Signal BattalionDirector of Information ManagementFort Bragg, NC 28310(910) 396-1112 (DSN 236)oliver.wyrtki@us.army.mil

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    Sunday, December 11, 2005

    Sunday Misc.
    • apologies for not reading or commenting on blogs this weekend - combo of a migraine, migraine medicine, that antibiotic cocktail and whatever crud I am still fighting is making life a little tougher than normal- hold the sobs and tissues
    • Go fire some obnoxious interview questions for me at Basil's before questions close
    • stay on pins and needles for my upcoming awards - I am also a judge in the Knuckleahd of the Day/Year Awards over at The Florida Masochist

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    Coming this week...

    So you may be thinking to yourself, "Self, Greta is probably so overwhelmed with life that there is no way she can come up with any new, good posts this week." Well, the hampster is running fast in my brain as I am coming up with many new awards you will not find ANYWHERE else on the blogosphere.
    • What are the prizes you might ask? NONE, to be exact, except the sheer satisfaction that your name possibly made it into an award and will up the probability of you "Googling" yourself!
    • Will you achieve a star in Hollywood for this award? HELL NO!
    • Will you be in awe by your peers? Maybe!
    • Is there any vote whoring required to get an award? Again, hell no!
    • Who will be the judges for this award? Me and only me!
    • Will slipping Greta a five into her coffee fund at http://www.wesurfforyou.com guaranty some type of award? Maybe, but you still might not like your award and I will not offer any refunds!
    • Why is Greta doing this? Because she is avoiding doing things she MUST do and is still in search of the credit card bill she hid from her husband a week ago and can't seem to find!
    • Is there any specific day these awards will be posted? No, at Greta's convenience!
    • Why should I care? Because I SAY SO DAMMIT!

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    Snow is Melting & Other Crud!

    Today is officially getting organized before you miss a great even because you forgot to put it on the calendar because you shoved it under something day! Hubby is taking the rugmonsters to the mall to shop for mommy. It took me hours to come up with the detailed list (at his insistence)with maps and diagrams to the sales racks and printouts of things I want with colors I like etc. I personally would be happy with nothing, but this is how he likes to do it when he is home. Did I mention that he dragged me to Toys R Making You Want to Ram Your Cart into Someone yesterday? Mind you, I finished the shopping for the rugmonsters a long time ago, because I was not sure he would be home. But Noooo, I was forced to hire a sitter, put a smile on my face and let him pick out some additional gifts that cost more than I spend on myself all year! Of course there are no spoiled children in this or any house, but it is all in the Christmas/Hanukkah spirit- right? So have a great Sunday, put a smile on your face, drink lots of coffee and remember how many days you have to get your act together before you have to mail out apology notes for forgetting this or that!

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    Friday, December 09, 2005

    The Best Quote!
    "To my wife and my family, Merry Christmas, and I just want everybody back home to know that this year, Santa Claus is wearing camoflauge and delivering freedom to Iraq."

    -- Sgt. Josh Hauser, combat correspondent, on the Laura Ingraham Show.

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    Mixing Pleasure (blogging) with business again (50 lashes)
    Do you or do you know anyone who wants to make some money for Christmas? I know - you all answered yes. Looking for some blog templates "skins" that meet the taste of the 30 (no Anime junk)over crowd for Christmas gifts. If so - contact me - Greta perrybrats@cox.net or (918) 606-2770 (that is scary - but it is a cell) so we can discuss.

    If you want to ignore this post - scroll down - lots of goodies today!

    Also, got an e-mail for a rescued Kerry Blue pup looking for a home for Christmas. Very cool dog, my friend has 2!

    Thought for the day "I have been drinking the backwash from the Fountain of Youth. I am starting to look a little old - must need vacation!"

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    Thursday, December 08, 2005

    Why the Democratic Party is Not in Power (from Silke)
    As Chairman of the Democratic National Committee I think Howard Dean represents everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party. They are all talk and no substance. This is part of a transcript from a 13 November interview with Howard Dean on Meet the Press:

    DEAN: We have an alternative agenda. We made it very clear. We want a strong national security based on telling the truth to our people at home, our soldiers and our allies. We want jobs in America that will stay in America, and we believe that renewable energy is one of the areas where we can do that. We want a health care system that covers everybody, just like 36 other countries in the world. We want a strong public education system. And most of all, we want honesty back in government. I think that is a pretty good agenda.

    RUSSERT: But those are words that will appeal to people. But when you go behind them, for example, what is the Democratic position on Iraq? Should we withdraw troops now? What do the Democrats stand for?

    DEAN: Tim, first of all, we do not control the House, the Senate or the White House. We have plenty of time to show Americans what our agenda is and we will long before the 2006 elections.

    RUSSERT: But there is no Democratic plan on Social Security. There is no Democratic plan on the deficit problem. There is no specifics. They say, "Well, we want a strong Social Security. We want to reduce the deficit. We want health care for everyone," but there is no plan how to pay for it.

    DEAN: Right now it is not our job to give out specifics. We have no control in the House. We have no control in the Senate. It is our job to stop this administration, this corrupt and incompetent administration, from doing more damage to America. And that is what we are going to do. We are doing our best. Look at the trouble they are having putting together a budget. Why is that? Because there is still a few moderate Republicans left who do not think it's OK to cut school lunch programs, who do not think it is OK to do some of the appalling things that they are doing in their budget. I saw a show last night, which showed a young African American man in California at the UC of Davis who hoped to go to law school. The Republicans want to cut $14 billion out of higher education so this kid cant go to law school. We are going to do better than that, and together, America can do better than that.

    RUSSERT: But is it enough for you to say to the country, "Trust us, the other guy is no good. We will do better, but we are not going to tell you specifically how we are going to deal with Iraq."

    DEAN: We will. When the time comes, we will do that.

    RUSSERT: When is the time going to come?

    DEAN: The time is fast approaching. And I outlined the broad outlines of our agenda. We are going to have specific plans in all of these areas.

    RUSSERT: This year?

    DEAN: In 2006.

    Kudos to Tim Russert for showing Howard Dean just how empty his rhetoric is. I guess the lesson here is, if you have good ideas to make the country better and stronger you keep them to yourselves so you can win elections. Playing politics with war and the economy is just wrong.

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    The GOP must be reading blogs!
    I just saw this on Drudge. I let out a large chuckle and had to share. I have been sooooo angry with Kerry, Dean, Pelosi, Murtha and friends this week - I didn't give them any blog time. But the tactic of the "white flag" waving in front of their faces on an add is the best play the Right has pulled from its'playbook in a while. Like I've been saying, "get your heads out of your asses and tell the American people what is really going on in Iraq. And ya, don't forget that a little nananabooboo to the left bandwagon can only help!"

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    Snow Day Fun

    Wow - this is cool. No school, 7 degrees, I feel better and the dog actually made it out the door and found a snow-free spot under the trampoline! The kitties names are officially "Noel and Peanut (she is very tiny)."

    Thought I'd share some stuff to pass your snowy day (if you have one)
    1. Kick the Sugarplum Fairy's butts - beat my 9 year old - his high is 208
    2. Turn up the volume and shake the snowglobe
    3. Make a Snowflake
    4. Catalog your library on-line (h/t Deb)
    5. Go to my site and poke around!

    That should keep you (if you have to work) and/or the rugmonsters amused all day!

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    Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    Tag - Now I'm It! (from Silke)
    Greta tagged me earlier, so here is my response.

    I confess:

    I hate speaking in public.
    I was a total nerd in high school (no smoking, no drinking, no drugs and definitely no sex)
    I am a big Russell Crowe fan.
    I struggle with religion.
    I love to laugh.
    I am a romantic at heart.
    I hate it when people make fun of other people.
    I sing out loud in the car (a fact which my kids lament).
    I was a tomboy when I was little.
    I have always wanted to learn to play the piano.
    I have forgotten everything I learned in calculus.
    I never saw myself as a stay at home mom when I was younger but now I cannot imagine doing anything else.
    Although I am not a particularly religious person, I pray for the safety of my husband every night. (You know the saying "there are no atheists in a foxhole", the same is true for spouses of deployed soldiers).

    Anymore confessions out there?

    Shared by Silke @ 9:56 PM

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    Quick - What Movie?

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 6:01 PM

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    Tag - I'm It!
    Don Singleton tagged me and he was tagged by the Anchoress. So now I must reveal some deep dark secrets - do I have any? I am supposed to post some confessions about myself now.

    • I confess that I did inhale.
    • I confess that I loathe tag games and chain letters.
    • I confess that I am easy to get along with for most people but can be overwhelming to some (right away).
    • I confess that I am blunt (the Yankee in me).
    • I confess that I have a big heart and since I have been married it has only been damaged by other women (not in a gay way).
    • I confess that I can't read people, especially women.
    • I confess that I had a bout with bulemia in high school and cured myself.
    • I confess that sometimes I would like to ignore the world around me and chill on my computer.
    • I confess that I don't attend synagogue enough.
    • I confess that I wasn't a virgin when I married.
    • I confess that I don't hide anything from my husband (except from an occasional un-authorized purchase).
    • I confess that my family comes ahead of myself (but hey, that is a mom's job)!
    • I confess I am much closer to friends in my life than many family members.
    • I confess that I don't have any regrets in my life so far!

    Now I will tag Silke - who guest posts on my blog and Indian Chris. Also I am tagging all my BLOGLESS readers (Ruth, Terri, mom)

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    All He Wants for Christmas & Hanukkah...

    Apparently the Weblog Awards were shaken up a bit when one of the finalists in my son's category was getting tons of votes. It seems that finalist was endorsed by a big blog. So, what is a mother to do? Of course, e-mail every big blog she personally knows and push for her kid to win. I see a new TV show here "Blog Mothers." Mothers who push their kids into the world of blogging. But, seriously folks, how can you deny this cute face an award like this? If he wins, he could be the founder of a new generation of bloggers. It is a great outlet for kids to write and use their imagination! Go Scott - the Hooah Kid!

    So go vote for my kid!

    Thanks for your Support:
    Michael Bates of Batesline, Basil, Camp Katrina, Milblogging and My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!

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    We might get the white stuff today!

    Still feeling like crud here. The doc gave me some Zithromax potion that is a one time deal. It better work soon.

    Anyhoo, if you want something deep to discuss, check out my post on illegals from yesterday. Thanks Terri for ranting with me and for the series of Christmas pix I am posting - they are funny! I'll try and post again later. Don Singleton tagged me and I need to get to that and Indian Chris has an interview with my hubby posted today.

    Don't forget to vote for my 7 year old every day - it ends the 15th!

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    Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    An Illegal in Oklahoma???

    I was driving Princess to school this afternoon and right outside my street we see the aftermath of an accident. I asked if I could do anything to the woman standing outside her car looking shaken up. She said, "go follow that man!"

    A young Hispanic man in a red coat had rear-ended her car and took off on foot. His car was completely trashed from the accident. I followed him in my car staying far enough behind to keep Princess and myself out of trouble. He ran and ran as fast as he could.

    Then, I see a guy driving in the neighborhood the guy was running through and I ask for his help. He says"well that isn't my yard he is running through." I answer "so the you don't care?"He then turns his car around and follows me until the man ran into another neighborhood we could not access.

    I drove back to the scene of the accident and spoke to the police to tell him what the man was wearing and in what direction he was heading.

    The summary of this true story:

    • the man who ran was either an illegal or stole the car
    • the woman will have to pay for the repairs out of her pocket
    • illegals are problems in all states (not just the border where I used to live)
    • most people like the man who I spoke to would rather look the other way when it doesn't directly involve them!

    Talk amongst yourselves. Should I play devil's advocate and say "I think all illegals should be rounded up and sent back to the place they originate from at their government's expense?"

    I am feeling pretty sick and am being treated for strep, even though the doc didn't even run a strep test!!! Don't forget to vote for my 7 year old every day - it ends the 15th!

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    Meningitis Mary Again?

    Yep - just shoot me today. My glands are so swollen I may not be able to drink coffee today. I will have to force myself somehow! This is how the cats treat Chulo the "stupor dog."

    Don't forget to vote for my 7 year old every day - it ends the 15th!

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    Monday, December 05, 2005

    14 Days and Counting! (from Silke)
    I just got the best news today. My husband is coming home for Christmas. Unfortunately it will not be for good. In fact his time in Iraq is actually being extended, which is why he is able to come home for Christmas (but I will take what I can get). Our boys do not know he is coming home so this will be a complete surprise to them. I will just tell them we are picking up Oma (which is grandma in German) from the airport.

    To be honest, I was not sure if I wanted to post this information or not. The truth is I do not want to jinx anything and although I consider myself a very rational person I wondered if I would be tempting fate by publishing this. I know this does not make any sense but I bet the military wives out there can attest to the fact that deployments can sometimes make you a little CRAZY. Paranoia strikes at the strangest times and you go through this roller coaster of emotions. You can hardly wait for them to come home but if plans change and they cannot you would rather know now than later.

    Anyway, for better or worse you are now on this roller coaster with me. So, 14 days and counting. HOOAH!

    Greta, I hope you are feeling better soon.

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    Stockings on the Way
    Adopt a Platoon: The 69 stockings (yes that was the real number - get your mind out of the gutter) were packed yesterday by myself and a wonderful group of women. Each soldier will get candy, a t-shirt or a DVD, calling card or a t-shirt, a handheld game or a CD, ornaments and snacks. All stuff was donated by the families of my kids' elementarty school. The stocking were a little lame (I sewed them) but will do the trick. Today was the last day the USPS gave to send packages to troops and hope they get there on time.

    My friend and I lugged them to the Post Office and they were out of my hands in record time. Now I will get my dining room back again.

    I am coming down with some type of crud again. It feels exactly the way it did when I had the viral meingitis. I'll go to the doc tomorrow, where he will probably ask me to get my head examined. I will tell him I have a blog and that should be the end of that discussion. I guess it is good that I have a fever and swollen glands so he will know I am not making this up!

    Vote for my Hooah Kid every 24 hours!

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    Happy Monday
    And for your deranged humor (hey, you read this site) click on this and shake it real hard. Scroll down to read all the spectacular posts on this page!

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    Sunday, December 04, 2005

    Vote for my 7 year old!

    Waaaaah, I did not make it as a finalist for the Weblog Awards. Don't worry, I won't stop blogging and watch out next year. Maybe I will make the badblog awards over at MVRWC. I will analyze the list soon and post the blogs I endorse the most - My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Hooah Kid (my son), It's a Matter of Opinion and yes, the blog I was once a part of - Elephant in My Coffee come to mind right away. From this point on, it is all about votes - so vote away. You may only vote once every 24 hours from a computer!

    So go vote for my kid will ya - starting Monday?

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    I can now justify my habit!
    Caffeine is brain food!

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    Saturday, December 03, 2005

    Help Wanted & Other Junk
    • First off, the cats are stinking adorable (no name yet)
    • Yes, Army lost - taunt away
    • Weblog Awards come out tomorrow - cross your fingers, legs, knees toes, etc... that I make some cut - and not Beth's Badlog Awards at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.
    • Now for the help part

    I'm being serious for once! I, Greta Perry (hooah wife), am looking for a freelance web/blog designer to make some blog skins that I have already pre-designed and for helping me upkeep my site http://www.wesurfforyou.com . If you want to work, make some money and have some design skills - let's chat - contact me and I'll see what we can work out! perrybrats@cox.net

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    Eating Humble Pie
    • Off to a Christmas party tonight for hubby's work. Being that we are all Army affiliated, I hope they serve humble pie for dessert (Army lost).
    • Going to the airport to pick up the still nameless kitties!
    • Sign the map in the left column and let me feel the Hooah love tonight!!!!!

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    Friday, December 02, 2005

    The First to 50 (from Silke)

    December 3rd marks the 106th competition between Army and Navy. Because both teams have 49 wins (7 ties) tomorrows winner will leave with the distinction of being the "First to 50!" The Commander in Chiefs Trophy is also on the line since Army beat Air Force on November 5th (and Navy also beat Air Force) Army is also coming off a four-game winning streak, so they definitely have some momentum going into this game. Regardless of either teams record, though, any cadet or midshipmen will tell you that it is the Army-Navy Game that counts in the end.

    I have very fond memories of the Army-Navy Game during my time as a cadet (my picture is shown above - I am standing outside Eisenhower Hall overlooking the Hudson River and if you look closely you can see the "sink navy" sign behind me). The week before the game was always filled with rallies in the mess hall and spirit missions in the halls. The midshipmen exchange cadets who had lived among us for the first semester were suddenly "fair game" and often became the target of many of these spirit missions. On the Friday before the game the entire Corps of Cadets gathered along Thayer Road to cheer on the buses with the football players departing for Philadelphia. It was the culmination of a week of fun and chaos in an otherwise sober and studious environment. At the game itself, the march onto the field is such an incredible feeling and one I will never forget. After that, it is all about having fun and supporting the team (and trying to stay warm - believe me those long gray overcoats are not warm, they are just heavy).

    What a great tradition and one I am proud to be a part of.


    Shared by Silke @ 1:32 PM

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    The time honored tradition of the Army Navy game is set to take place again tomorrow. Hubby is an 85 grad of West Point - The United States Military Academy, his brother 78 and Silke (my guest poster) a 91 grad - you can bet who we are routing for! This truly is the only game that matters all year and has many traditional roots associated with it. Oliver North was pumped up about it Thursday on Hannity (he is routing for the other side).
    Game FYIs:

    • Just like any other football team, there is the friendly "borrowing" of mascots and items
    • Army mascot is a mule and Navy is a goat
    • West Point Societies often get together to watch the games all over the US
    • The first Army vs. Navy game was in 1890
    • There will be a special twist to honor fallen soldiers this year
    • ESPN will have pre-game specials today
    • "Upon the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that upon other fields; on other days, will bear the fruits of victory." ~General Douglas MacArthur~

    Q: What do plebes rank? (a plebe is a first year/freshmen)

    A: "Sir, the superintendent's dog, the Commandant's cat, the waiters in the Mess Hall, the Hell Cats, the Generals in the Air Force and all the Admirals in the whole damned Navy."

    http://www.basementwindowfilms.com/army-navy2005.wmv (3 minute clip but worth it if you are a die hard!

    Other blogs talking about this: Black five, The Patriette, The Military Outpost

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    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    The Anti-War Murtha & Pelosi Bandwagon
    Warning, as usual, I have done "NO" research for this post (read a couple of articles and listened to talk radio, which makes me more qualified than most Americans). This is purely my rants. If you are looking for journalistic quality stuff - leave!

    Why am I in such a foul mood? After enduring 2 showings of the Christmas spectacular that my son looked so adorable in, I have the sudden urge to grab a bottle of tequila and start having shots. No, but I can't - there is one more showing tonight. Have a good time hubby, I'll be at basketball practice with the other son. I'll have the limes and salt waiting for you when you get home!

    Back to why I am pissed off, since when did everyone and their grandmother become strategic military consultants? Did they win so many times at Risk and Battleship they they are truly qualified to say what is best for a Country they consider unimportant because it doesn't affect them directly at this very moment?

    If you have fallen into the mainstream media trap, let me armchair explain world politics to you(I beat my 7 year old at Battleship a couple of times). You have a group of people that hate us and wish us (all infidels - that means you) dead! They will do anything in their power to achieve their goals including build nukes to launch on the US and Israel (they hate those 2 the most). These monsters despise democracy and if that is achieved, eventually their Country and the surroundings one will catch on that this is a good thing. Countries that keep pet terrorists and give money to these scumbags will go away and will not tolerate anyone condoning that attitude - kapeesh?

    Undermining the military, their families and the mission is the most disgusting thing in the world. Negative statements are equivalent to smacking soldiers in the face for the pure means of making the current President look bad so that you can woo those who don't agree with him and set yourself up for political fame! Yes, I am talking to you Murtha, Pelosi, Kerry, She-who Not Be Named (Sheehan - ouch that burned my eyes) and Moveon.myass and Company. My wish for all of you is that you walk in the lives of the current military's shoes and their families. Go ahead kick the pregnant wives who will spend Christmas alone while their hubby's are in harms way, so you can move your self up the political ladder. Or better yet, come to my house and tell me how my husband's time in Iraq was wasted, unethical, because of a lie, or unnecessary. I am proud of the work he did there - and more important SO IS HE!!!

    Whether you agree with the foundations of this war or not - quit pissing and moaning, because more than likely, you don't even know an active duty soldier and their family. Don't you find it strange that most military families stand by our government's leaders and the soldiers in war time and politicians can't!

    Yes, I feel a little better now. Maybe I better cut down on the caffeine! Talk amongst yourselves - that means comment dammit!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 3:27 PM

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    • Thanks to Haley (a new reader) for sending me this cartoon. I adore Calvin.
    • Happy December - You know how many shopping days are left - so get your rear in gear and buy buy buy!
    • Middle child is a snowman in the Christmas musical today (no I am not offended)!
    • Bush's speech yesterday - good - but after 10 minutes the sound resembled that of the teacher from the Peanuts. Maybe I have ADD!
    • Must go drink pot of coffee!!!

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