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    Wednesday, November 09, 2005

    Wednesday...Half Way There Folks!
    • Still walking around like an old lady - I can't straighten up - very attractive. Not that I don't have crappy posture to begin with, but this is ridiculous!
    • #1 son went to school today - a little Vitamin M (motrin) and he was good to go!
    • Princess is still asleep! Hope she is well!
    • I watched a bunch of quality TV yesterday - kidding - Springer etc... and have come to the absolute conclusion that if people are given too many handouts in life - they won't value their worth and will never amount to their full potential. I'm not talking about the occasional down on your luck out of work or sick stuff. I REFUSE to give to the beggars on the exit ramp by the hospital - get a damn job! That feels better - my rant for the day!
    • I would like to create a non-biased reference guide for people on the differences between voting Democrat and Republican. I looked around for a non-biased guide and it doesn't exist. Just a little edumacation for people! Heck, I'll give it it's own blog if it comes out good. I think people forget why they vote one way or another and get caught up in the anger over the other party.
    • I even tried finding good stats on demographics for each party and there were no clear graphs. Also, the issues the parties truly and traditionally stand for.
    • OK groupies and those with a surfing coffee break - let's do this say by December 1st - submit any articles, references, graphs, things you wrote or anything to me perrybrats@cox.net and I will keep it in a safe place and work on getting it together. Just label it...VOTING GUIDE so I won't delete it as spam!
    • Anyone with teens - this would be a good opportunity for them to jump in and do some work.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:17 AM

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