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    Tuesday, November 29, 2005

    This Jews Views on Christmas
    • DON'T assume everyone in the world celebrates Christmas
    • I did not grow up with a Christmas tree in my house, Santa coming down the chimney or presents on Christmas morning and I am normal (well you be the judge)
    • Hanukkah is NOT the Jews equivalent to Christmas
    • Having married a goy (gentile) I now decorate my house with a tree and lights for him - I would not take that away from him
    • Just because I have a tree doesn't mean I accept Jesus as the savior - nope - still a Jew-one God - yada yada yada
    • I am NOT afraid of Christmas parties at school or holiday Christmas musicals that my kids participate in - but that is going back to number 1 - don't assume
    • If you want to have a Christmas party at school or call it a "holiday party or end of semester party" I don't give a rats ass. School is for learning, socializing, being aware of other cultures and people outside your own little family and if you choose to make religion a part of a "government school" and think that it is OK and written in the Constitution then I don't really feel bad when the ACLU comes breathing down your back
    • Marketing the holiday - dumbass stores going PC is just plain stupid. It is the equivalent of shooting yourself in the ass. For crying out loud, Christmas sales can make you or break you, don't worry about being PC and wishing me a Happy Hanukkah.
    • Merry Christmas is a holiday greeting to me - it does not and should not offend me. If it does, then I need to re-examine my own values.
    • If I boiled your blood in any way - GOOD (evil laugh inserted here)!

    P.S. Go wish your other favorite Jewish blogger well. Shayne is in the hospital and hopefully he will get his butt out ASAP!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:37 AM

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