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    Sunday, November 06, 2005

    National Adoption Month
    November is National Adoption Month and the 19th is National Adoption Day. Being a proud parent of my princess who was a Foster Child, I am always trying to talk people into going through the Foster Care System and tell them to be informed as well. Every child from everywhere deserves a good home

    What I usually get is:
    "I always thought about it, but didn't know where to start"
    "Do I have to deal with the birth parent/s?"
    "I have other children in my home - what do you think?"
    "How much will it cost?"
    "Will I know everything about the child?"
    "Is it easy?"
    "Would it be better to go overseas?"

    Feel free to ask me anything about the process if you are considering it - if I don't know - I have quite a network of friends across the US who do!

    I also want you to please check World Links who wrote this to my friend Sherry in Tulsa (she has adopted 2 children 1 from Russia and 1 the Ukraine):

    World Links Association is in the process of organizing our annual Karing 4 Kids Host Programs (Christmas) for Orphans from Ukraine. The purpose of this program is to give orphans the chance to spend several weeks enjoying fun, experience life within a family and give them an introduction to American culture. Our program provides a chance for families to experience and evaluate first-hand the challenges and rewards of having an older child in the home.

    Right now WL is organizing a host program in January for 2,5 weeks, waiting for arrival of 7 children from Ukraine coming to TULSA.

    List of children:

    1)Siblings (Radchenko family):
    Yevgeniy R. 12/26/99
    Oleksandra R. 07/17/01 (cannot come due to her age)
    Kristina R. 05/10/98

    2)Siblings (Nituk family):
    Alona N. 01/30/99
    Aleksandr N. 06/30/01 (cannot come due to his age)

    3)Siblings (Shevchenko family)
    Vicktoria Sh. -01/28/98
    Maya Sh. 05/01/00

    4)Oleg M. 06/26/97

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:34 PM

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