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    Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    Just got off the phone with a producer-type (I think)
    • my day in bullets
    • determined to make this blogging show concept worked - like a steam train heading for your living room or at least I-pod!
    • talked to one big agent on the phone - she doesn't do TV show concepts - bummer #1
    • got on to the writer's guild website and called about 5 "agents" on the list
    • each time got the equivalent of "Sorry folks, park is closed. The moose outside should have told you so!"
    • finally googled "political literary talent agents" got Special Guests and somehow ended up with the President of the company on his cell phone camped out in the woods with his laptop - Jerry
    • yes, being in the woods should be a big red flag - isn't that where serial killers hang out?
    • somehow, in a strange kind of way - he accepted my concept as something he could see working
    • now I gotta figure out what to do next
    • to put it bluntly - I wanted someone to get the concept off the ground for me tomorrow and run with it. Looks like this may take a little work on my part. Of course - with me, Deb & Cat as stars!
    • maybe some more caffeine will get me going again - oh snap - forgot to eat today - that might help
    • so y'all (I can say that - I lived in Texas for 5 years) better help me with this if you want to hop onto the gravy train. Right now the only gravy train I have is in Chulo the Stupor Dog's dish!
    • follow me on the blogging/tv show idea and I may say "oh yes, when I was just a washed-up stay at home military wife with 3 snot-nosed kids, 3 snotty cats and 1 poor dumb dog - I remember blogging with him or her!"
    • BTW - fame and fortune would never go to my head - I promise!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 2:06 PM

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