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    Saturday, November 19, 2005

    I've been bitten by the "blog bug" and I'm hooked!
    Wow - I feel like I did when I first started to drive, very excited and a little scared. This is my third blog entry but the first one officially on my own. The other two were submitted via email through Greta. Even though she had given me her username and password before I was too chicken to try it. I am very honored that she trusts me as a guest blogger.

    A little background: I am a mother of two. My husband is in the military (Hooah!) and currently serving in Iraq. I used to be in the military and resigned my commission to become a stay-at-home mom. I love to volunteer as a CASA (see my second entry below). I also love dogs, books and reality TV shows (my guilty pleasure). I have known Greta for almost six years, ever since we lived on the same street in Texas. She is a wonderful friend and I love her sense of humor.

    I have definitely been bitten by the proverbial "blog bug." This is such a wonderful forum for discussion and debate. I love a good argument and with the state of politics and current events now there is certainly a wealth of topics available to discuss. If you have seen some of my responses to earlier blog entries you may be wondering where I stand on the political spectrum. I guess you could call me a moderate conservative, though I have often agreed with many principles and policies that would be considered "liberal." But the bottom line is that I like to debate issues and I welcome challenges to my ideas and opinions. In this way I hope to educate myself so that I am an informed citizen who can (in some small way) contribute to the public debate.

    Silke (guest Hooha Wife)

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 2:14 PM

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