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    Wednesday, November 23, 2005

    Bears & Turkeys
    • Hubby (my bear) is home safely and needless to say everyone is thrilled (even Chulo the Stupor Dog- all the pets abandon me when he walks in the door)
    • if you don't have a blog - you will wonder what the hell I am talking about for the rest of this entry- sorry. This is a damn hobby - nothing else - though I would love my blog show idea to take ground!
    • This blog and my other had it a while ago with the "other" Bear - the one of TTLB Ecosystem - now everyone who owns a blog is all in a tizzy!
    • In order to be an "ecostar" these days you have to sell-out basically, play the ecosystem game or you have no chance of being a blog superstar by someone else's standards.
    • I gave up on the open trackback/whorage a while ago because it was distracting me from my writings and now The Bear (the keeper of the ecosystem has decided the same) (maybe he read some of my rants).
    • Anyhoo - now that I have that off my chest and you are spinning your head around wondering how many beers I have had - the answer is none - tonight - but tomorrow is another day!
    • I love blogging and will keep it up as long as I enjoy it and it keeps me partially sane! Thanks so much for reading and participating! You guys are the best - Lova ya all!
    • Happy Turkey Day and watch out for PETA!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:32 PM

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