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    Tuesday, November 01, 2005

    Bear - don't make me send my mother after you!
    OK - eating crow here ... The open trackback craze, parties, whorage was really starting to bug the hell out of me. I swore them off for now, but may have to eat my words and pride in the not so distant future. I am convinced The Bear is enjoying global warming this year and not hibernating as I have seen many great blogs such as Stop the ACLU and Camp Katrina make their way up there quickly.

    For crying out loud I am trying to run a household alone here - I don't have time to flirt with The Bear. Hell, I can't even get Michelle Malkin to notice me (get your mind out of the gutter - in a blog type of way). No this is not a pity party, this is me just bitching out loud because I am the only grown up in this house right now!

    For any of you that have experienced my mother's comments on this blog - you know she has a lot to say about...everything and let me tell you -she is an expert on everything. If she has something to tell you - she will bug you to death to tell you. So again Bear - do you want me to send her after you? Remember, she is a Jewish mother and can make you feel guilty for being born or for finding change in your pocket!

    For the ones who are totally lost, The Bear is the keeper of the Ecosystem - a blog rating . Notice most blogs have a "I am a cute little Fluffy Bunny in the TLB ecosytem" on them or "I am a Furball with Worms" on the side bar. Basically, at this point, unless you are already on the top, say...200 - you are a scummy, slimy bottom feeder for the remainder of your global warming, tainted pathetic ecolife!

    Well, gotta go tend to the dishes staring me in the face from dinner! Mom, this is just totally fun, you are only an expert on a few things and made me feel guilty for being born one time - you know I love you!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:24 PM

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