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    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    West Point Reunion

    Hubby's 20th reunion to West Point was a great success. Lots of fun and "do you remember when stories" none of which I needed to know. We enjoyed being together for the weekend and he is back in St. Charles, LA .


    • a renewed feeling of Patriotism - you can't help it there
    • meeting my hubby's Company pals (A4) and their spouses
    • hearing all the stories of projectiles out the window, getting in trouble and escaping getting in trouble
    • teenagers will be teenagers no matter where they are
    • knowing I might have been able to hang there, but glad I didn't!
    • seeing my old friend Barbara
    • having a little honeymoon with no kiddos!
    • being glad my hubby doesn't and won't know all my college stories
    • kicking back and having fun
    • finding out that most people intheir 40s don't know what a blog is!
    • knowing I was 5 years younger than his pals!



    • arrived on Thursday afternoon - started cocktails at 2:30. Enjoyed goofing off with hubby and meeting old and new friends. Irena Hallsey - met you then.
    • picked up our registration goody bag - cool blanket & bag
    • Went to dinner with hubby & saw some friends I actually knew & we all had dinner
    • back to the bar - I was done at midnight - hubby lasted until 1 ish


    • took the bus up to West Point & went to the Cadet Chapel for a memorial service for his class - it is gorgeous there - they lost 9 out of about 1,000 from their class
    • off to brunch at Ike Hall - walked there and actually got to cut thru some hallowed ground -never would have been allowed in their day
    • Friday cadets get to wear BDUs now
    • blew off 2 meetings and dropped some cash at the gift shops
    • bus back to hotel - get dressed for evening festivities
    • party in 1 hotel room-crazy - dinner
    • went to bed at 1 - hubby 4 (supposed to be on bus at 7:45 for parade) nobody was upset when it was pouring rain and got cancelled)


    • got a ride up to West Point
    • ate lunch in the mess hall & were entertained by the Rebel Rousers (cheerleaders) & the band as well as lots of mess hall stories
    • went with hubby & all his buddies to view their old dorm rooms (we weren't really supposed to)
    • Supposed to go to game - but raining so hard - decided to head to post game party destination & watch the game on TV- took a nap there
    • post-game party and food
    • back to hotel for post everything party


    • brunch with some friends
    • off to NY city with hubby for the day for some shopping- FAO Swartz, American Girl, walking miles, tried to get into Spamalot - didn't happen

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:22 AM

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