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    Thursday, October 20, 2005

    Just Call Me the "bra" Lady (no please don't)
    For those of you who read the previous post about my phone call with Neal Boortz, you know he asked me to throw a bra at Hannity tonight. So.....I piled the rugmonsters in the car, stopped at Kohl's to buy the hugest black (4D) bra that I could find on clearance and some skanky thong underwear ( that I was tempted to keep). Anyhoo, the kiddos wondered what I was going to do with them and they laughed and "knew" I would embarrass them somehow (I am good at that).

    Now for the bullet summary of the night.I will have pictures tomorrow. Hubby has both digital cameras, so I was at the mercy of the teen at Walgreens to have my film made into a disc within an hour - she failed miserably. Kids were whining they were tired!

    • My limousine took me to the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University. I mean, I drove by myself in my minivan. With hubby being gone so much I tend to let my imagination get the best of me.
    • I met my hubby's boss and his wife and we head to our 5th row seat. Don't you hate it when you pay for a row and somehow, there are magically additional rows of seats placed in front of you? So, we were more like the 10th row. Do I get a partial refund?
    • A fabulous video intro tribute to the military, the colors were marched in and a little firework type of deal that gave me a (OMG hope this isn't going to be one of those pyrotech accidents).
    • Joe Kelley from KRMG 740 talk radio was the MC of the evening and I must say - he was phenomenal. I see big things for this guy!
    • Oliver North was first - looking as good as ever. He gave a fabulousl talk about the military, war in Iraq, hiring Veterans and was very inspirational.
    • Clark Howard - I plead ignorance, had no idea who this guy was and never bought any of his books. Nevertheless, he was a great speaker and I had a good chuckle with his shorts and tube socks. Lots of what I previously have said about this country "you can't spend more than you make" type of rhetoric. He absolutely missed the boat on the "if the shoes are on sale and you might need them next season, you are actually saving money by buying them now" philosophy.
    • Next came Boortz - looking a little unpolished, but very much himself-Boortzy. He introduced Royal too. Lots of good thoughts and insight about the Fair Tax Plan. Of course, the majority of this audience was already sold on this idea.
    • Lastly - the hottie - Sean Hannity (sorry honey, I pictured that he looked like you the whole time). Great stuff and schtick. He does such a good Clinton impression that even Hildebeast might be fooled.
    • Then to the roundtable chat moderated by Joe Kelley. Neal hogged the stage, but I don't think the others really minded, or at least they didn't act like they did. By then Ollie seems like he could use a nap and Sean was probably rehearsing his show for afterward in his head. Clark held his own as the "Mouth" continued to hang himself in front of the crowd. Apparently he had previously alluded to "Ugly women in Tulsa" and that "women shouldn't vote." Put him in a room with myself and a bunch of military wives for an hour and he will be handing out flowers in the voting line. But, it might take him lots of therapy to recover from the mental and physical abuse we would deliver!
    • Now to the bra...the part you were holding your breath for. Joe (sorry, didn't catch the last name) was taking questions from the audience. My hand went up like the springbutt that I am and he called me over. I told him I had something for Sean. He remembered my call and told me to ask Neal if I should go ahead and do what we talked about on the air a couple of days ago. Neal looked dumbfounded - he didn't recall who I was immediately. Yes, I walked down and threw the bra up on stage. Of course my blog card and TV show idea was attached.
    • Lastly, the book signing, I waited for quite some time to have Neal (Royal too) and Ollie sign my book. Sean had to run out for his show. Got to meet some real cool people and enjoy my "infamous" status.
    • Joe (once again I don't recall his last name) gave me the secret "batphone" number for the radio station. I am supposed to call in at 6:20 AM. I may have to have a cup of joe before I talk to Joe. When I get his last name, I promise to post it.

    Just a thought...Wouldn't it be nice if I could get a show on Fox and hubby could retire and stay home with the kiddos? Would he be able to mow the lawn, buy birthday gifts, do the laundry and drive to 3 different practices in one day...Hell No! But, he could hire someone that could, or I can just keep staying at home!

    P.S. It was Joe Riddle

    Linked to: The Mudville Gazette, Basil's Blog, Cao's blog, Outside the Beltway, Soldier's Angel

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:54 PM

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