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    Sunday, October 30, 2005

    Hello bloggers, I could use some help here!
    1. I have a fabulous idea for a TV show about blogging.
    2. I submitted it to every producer etc. that I could at Fox and it is currently in their lawyers office - I hope. Apparently that is the only person who look at something without an agent or lawyer representing me.
    3. It is called "Around the BS (blogosphere)"
    4. The show star yours truly and a couple of other friends (Deb & Cat) and will include guest bloggers. It will be like The View without wanting to puke! For anyone that has ever met me in person, you feel like you know me in 2 minutes. If you never met me - I am just like my blog - no BS here!
    5. Who better to host a show about blogging, then a blogger, military wife, down to earth mom- nobody! I would choose PJs and sweatpants as attire!
    6. I know the idea of a TV show about blogging is going to happen real soon and I wanted to be the first to jump on it. If this doesn't happen for me - you can say "that Hooah Wife was on to this idea long before it was done!"
    7. I registered the idea with the Writers Guild for $20.
    8. Now I need a little help - this is way out of my league (the getting it noticed and pitched) stuff.
    9. Hubby would be more than happy at this time to reverse rolls with me (stay at home dad)and this could really do it for us.

    Sooooo...is there anyone out there with some solicited or unsolicited advice about getting it read, noticed, talent agents, TV producers, TV executives, lawyers, anything?

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 1:49 PM

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