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    Saturday, October 01, 2005

    Deployment Update etc...
    • Hubby was leaving the "Love Barge" in Baton Rouge to head to Cameron, LA today to scope it out...he promised me pictures
    • Gen. Honore was on the barge last night and hubby didn't have the privelage of meeting him..yet
    • I told him to tell Honore that I am writing him in for 2008 or else don't come back from this deployment
    • Lake Charles is apparently coming back to life...slowly, he still hasn't been able to score accomodations there and is having to commute from Baton Rouge
    • We are having a rainy day...yay...I'm not leaving this house today!!!!
    • Daughter was really unaffected by the tube/ear surgery yesterday, she even went to school
    • Down to 3 cats from 5 this year...very sad (my 26 toed cat Buster RIP in my backyard)
    • I don't understand why the 2 posts below haven't taken off, they were both unique posts and the firsts in Technorati
    • Watched Sahara last night with the kiddos ...awesome
    • Watched Robots yesterday with the kids...fun but lots of sexual overtones (thank goodness kiddos didn't catch on)
    • Going to decorate for Halloween today
    • Are you stuck on stupid?
    • Check out my website http://wesurfforyou.com
    • Going to hubby's 20th Westpoint Reunion next week - he will be able to pull this off in the midst of a deployment, somehow
    • My mom is coming in town to watch the kiddos for us
    • I am having fun reading and catching up on my blogroll today

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 11:28 AM

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