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    Monday, October 31, 2005

    Let the Chocolate Raiding Begin!
    Who woulda thunk a cold and crappy day could turn into a perfect evening for trick or treating? I am trying to get the kids calmed down and into bed after they ate a bunch of treats - yeeha. Hubby missed the festivities as he flew back to Lake Charles today. I went with 2 other families and all the little monsters ran from door to door. A Halloween funny...today I was reading to my 9 year old's class and it dawned on one little guy, the true meaning of trick or treat. He said "I get it now, if you don't get a treat you trick." My smartass response was, "it only took you 9 years to figure that one out - a Halloween epiphany!" Now they need to hurry up and sleep so I can raid - I mean do quality control of the goods!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:56 PM

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    Sell for Cash beat Eminent Domain!
    This scrap wood house is selling for 1.2 million, why, because it is premium land. I am just sad to see this man making money off of it, when the local government could legally step in and call it their own for a couple of grand.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:13 AM

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    Smell my Feet
    Happy Halloween everyone. Now someone find me a dang agent this week or get my TV show idea noticed...or the dog gets it!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 6:10 AM

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    Sunday, October 30, 2005

    Hello bloggers, I could use some help here!
    1. I have a fabulous idea for a TV show about blogging.
    2. I submitted it to every producer etc. that I could at Fox and it is currently in their lawyers office - I hope. Apparently that is the only person who look at something without an agent or lawyer representing me.
    3. It is called "Around the BS (blogosphere)"
    4. The show star yours truly and a couple of other friends (Deb & Cat) and will include guest bloggers. It will be like The View without wanting to puke! For anyone that has ever met me in person, you feel like you know me in 2 minutes. If you never met me - I am just like my blog - no BS here!
    5. Who better to host a show about blogging, then a blogger, military wife, down to earth mom- nobody! I would choose PJs and sweatpants as attire!
    6. I know the idea of a TV show about blogging is going to happen real soon and I wanted to be the first to jump on it. If this doesn't happen for me - you can say "that Hooah Wife was on to this idea long before it was done!"
    7. I registered the idea with the Writers Guild for $20.
    8. Now I need a little help - this is way out of my league (the getting it noticed and pitched) stuff.
    9. Hubby would be more than happy at this time to reverse rolls with me (stay at home dad)and this could really do it for us.

    Sooooo...is there anyone out there with some solicited or unsolicited advice about getting it read, noticed, talent agents, TV producers, TV executives, lawyers, anything?

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 1:49 PM

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    Sunday Crud
    • Having a great weekend!
    • Paying for too many Margaritas last night - big thumbs up for the new Jose Cuervo Gold pre-made margaritas. However - they were quite potent.
    • Nothing else too exciting here!
    • I'll get to read the blogs I have neglected tomorrow!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 11:58 AM

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    Saturday, October 29, 2005

    Monty Python vs. Scooter Libby
    LIBERALS: A criminal! A criminal! We've got a criminal! A criminal!

    AL FRANKEN: We have a criminal, might we burn him?

    LIBERALS: Burn him! Burn!

    FITZGERALD: How do you know he is a criminal?

    MICHAEL MOORE: He looks like one.

    FITZGERALD: Bring him forward. Criminal. I'm not a criminal. I'm not a criminal.

    FITGERALD: But you are dressed as one.

    SCOOTER: They dressed me up like this.

    LIBERALS: No, we didn't -- no.

    SCOOTER: And this isn't my crime, it's a false one.


    AL FRANKEN: Well, we did set up the crime.

    FITZGERALD: The crime?

    AL FRANKEN: And the record -- but he is a criminal!

    LIBERALS: Burn him! Criminal! Criminal! Burn him!

    FITZGERALD: Did you set him up like this?

    LIBERALS: No, no... no ... yes. Yes, a bit, a bit.

    AL FRANKEN: He has committed a crime.

    FITZGERALD: What makes you think he is a criminal?

    BILL CLINTON: Well, he turned me into a newt.

    FITZGERALD: A newt?

    BILL CLINTON: I got better.

    MICHAEL MOORE: Burn him anyway!

    LIBERALS: Burn! Burn him!

    FITZGERALD: Quiet, quiet. Quiet! There are ways of telling whether he is a criminal.

    LIBERALS: Are there? What are they? Do they hurt? Splash it all over the liberal media!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 4:22 PM

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    Altered Calvin
    click on to read

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 3:48 PM

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    Friday, October 28, 2005

    Ground pix of Cameron Parish, LA (taken by hubby)

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:10 PM

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    Live Beer Blogging
    • I lied - I currently put my beer down to write this!
    • The chocolate is already disappearing from the rugmonsters' party bags.
    • Hubby has been abandoned by the kids for Cartoon Network.
    • Congrats to my friend at The Daily Spork, Mrs. Michael Williams, who just got married! Have fun changing your name on everything in the world. BTW - she is the founder of the Karl Rove fan club!
    • Just watched Reno 911 - LMAO as usual!
    • Had a blast with hubby looking at this site tonight, we are soooo easily amused!
    • 1 more Foster's beer - still have stinkin wierd alcohol laws in the state of OK. Had to buy 5 plus alcohol at the liquor store!- if you live in OK - sign here!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:03 PM

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    Friday Crud
    • hubby is home for 4 days of dispruption-I mean relaxation
    • the drunk passed out guy next to him on the plane should have got paid for the entertainment during the flight
    • took kids to Tulsa Zoo last night to get some candy
    • you know the rule for Halloween -MOM GETS ALL THE CHOCOLATE!
    • who over the age of 5 goes by the name of Scooter?

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:06 AM

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    Friday Fun Day

    Who would you like to bitch slap today?

    View Results

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:48 AM

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    Thursday, October 27, 2005

    Neal Boortz or Laura Ingraham for SCOTUS
    I figured I'd put my 2 cents in now. Is this a conspiracy? A pre-empted plan by the Bush Administration to divert attention away from the looming indictments? I am disappointed with the right for not backing the president on Stealth Harriet, maybe this was all in the plan! Just thinking out loud here and hopefully pushing some of my reader's buttons! Feel free to bitch and gripe here!

    Tagged: , , , , ,

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 4:46 PM

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    Keeping Good Company
    In all your spare time check out the other lady's that were also interviewed by
    National Summary.

    Ala from Blonde Sagacity
    Lisa from Sister Toldjah
    Lisa from Angry Republican Mom
    Stacy from Not a Desperate Housewife
    Pam of Blogmeister USA
    Jane for A Lady's Ruminations (list idea stolen from her and I don't have underline capability!)
    Toni from My View

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 11:26 AM

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    Wednesday, October 26, 2005

    Calling All Jewish Democrats!!! (from a Jewish Republican)

    Now that I have your attention - go travel around my blogroll (only a couple of the others are run by Jews) and see how many have the "Standing with Israel slogan and the Israeli Flag" proudly displayed on their blogs. After reading this, who would you rather have in the Oval Office - Clinton to make all nicey nicey with everyone or GW who doesn't take any bullshit? Think about you vote as to how it will help or hurt Israel.

    "We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us."
    ~ former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir~

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:45 PM

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    Just for shits & giggles
    "I think you're all fu**ed in the head. We're ten hours from the fu**ing fun park, and you wanna bail out! Well, I'll tell you something, this is no longer a vacation . . . it's a quest! It's a quest for fun! I'm gonna have fun, and you're gonna have fun! We're all gonna have so much fu**ing fun we'll need plastic surgery to remove our Goddamn smiles! You'll be whistling Zip-a-dee-doo-da out of your a**holes! I've got to be crazy! I'm on a pilgrimage to see a moose! Praise Marty Moose!"

    ~Clark W. Griswold~

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 2:29 PM

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    The Pressure is On!
    • I had 300 hits yesterday - thanks! Now I must keep them coming back!!!
    • hubby is getting to come home for the weekend - should be fun
    • looks like he will be in LA the rest of the year - not too bad - really
    • If you want to know the REAL story about the CIA agent outing - click here
    • I still need an agent for my TV show idea
    • I did the whole change out the summer clothes and find out what doesn't fit the kids thing last night - gotta stop feeding them - they are growing too much!
    • if you haven't read my interview or the other conservababes -click here
    • must drink a pot of coffee!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:00 AM

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    Tuesday, October 25, 2005

    Humpday Coffee
    If you haven't had a cup at Elephant in My Coffee - please have one here (let me know how you liked it)!

    Stolen from the Pirate's Cove.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:50 PM

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    Interviews Gone WIld - Misc.
    • If you haven't read the interview with hubby (a few posts below), GO READ IT!!!
    • National Summary was kind enough to interview me with other Women Bloggers (I still wonder if I sent a sexy photo, would mine have made it higher in order).
    • Dilemma of the day - had a stomach bug yesterday and need caffeine badly this morning - starting to get headcache already - dilemma solved - coffee wins. I guess I'll know if I am better pretty soon!
    • TV show idea - I have secretly been trying to plug a TV show idea to Fox News with no luck - is anybody out there an agent or whatsnot!!! I need it do it ASAP!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:09 AM

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    Monday, October 24, 2005

    Bonkers for Bunco
    You can now play the lottery in Oklahoma, can drive to the nearest Indian run casino, but don't try to be a Senior Citizen wanting to play Bunco! The Seniors are pissed and marching the streets of Sand Springs, OK to fight for their $3 mothly gambing fix.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:17 PM

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    Should the Punishment Fit the Crime?
    Princess Whinalot got an American Girl Bitty Baby from Grandma for her birthday in September. It costs a lot, but is Hispanic and looks just like her. Well, as she walked down in her matching nightgown with her baby tonight, I noticed marks all over the doll's head. I asked if she banged it against the wall. Son #2 started crying. "But Mom, you never told me not to bang it against the wall." I sent him to bed and will consider his punishment.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:58 PM

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    Sunday, October 23, 2005

    EXCLUSIVE: LTC Perry Interview from Lake Charles, LA
    Q Chevy: Having been to Lake Charles' casinos on several Sunday trips, I'm wondering how
    they've fared? Are they open for business?
    A: Casinos were among the first businesses to re-open ($).

    Q Chevy: And what's the situation with clean water, sewage treatment, and electricity in the area?
    A:Lake Charles itself is almost at 100% pre-storm utilities. At the Southern most area I am working (Cameron), 0% of the utilities are restored.

    Q Chevy: Is Interstate 10 and the big bridge passable?
    A: I-10 and the "Big Bridge" were not damaged, but for about the first 5 days after the storm all exits were closed to non-emergency response vehicles.

    Q Chevy: What exactly is the military doing in Lake Charles?
    A: The military (mostly National Guard) were here in force during the initial phase of the response and have mostly re-deployed at this point. They performed missions such as clearing roads and bringing in food and water. I am with the U.S. Army corps of Engineers. We are doing such things as providing generator power to critical facilities, critical infrastructure engineering services, debris removal and temporary roof repair (Blue Roof program).

    Q Chevy: How about the schools in the area, open or closed?
    A: Most of the schools in the Lake Charles area are open. The schools in Southern Cameron Parish (coastal) are gone.

    Q Cathy: Is the true magnitude of the devastation being reported in the media or are they concentrating on stupid race issues instead of what really matters?
    A: I think the media on the ground are doing their best to accurately report the magnitude of the devastation and the issues that really matter because I believe that when a person sees this up close all politics and other agendas are replaced by compassion for those whose lives have been turned upside down. I don't understand the race thing as what I am seeing is victims of all race, color and creed and responders of all race, color and creed.

    Q Greta: Is FEMA broken?
    A: No comment except to repeat what was described to me as FEMAs motto: "It is not officially a disaster until we arrive."

    Q Greta: Neal Boortz and Clark Howard were going back and forth(at the show last night) if it is the government's responsibility to rebuild New Orleans (for example). Neal said that if you build a house below sea level - near water - tough luck. Clark felt that if you had homeowner's insurance in good faith and were told you didn't live in a flood zone that the fed govt. should help out. Neal felt free trade was very important and that we should just give the people the money and let them do what they want with it not have the feds pick a home and place for them and say - live here. What is your take on this?
    A: The government can't rebuild New Orleans. If the businesses that left, or others to replace them, do not return, then New Orleans will never be what if was before the storm. In that sense I believe Neal Bortz is correct. On the other hand, I think it would be irresponsible for the federal government to give the U.S. taxpayers money to the people for them to do what they will, and then walk away. There has to be be some kind of control to ensure the $ is used as intended and to prevent fraud, waste and abuse. The easiest way to do this, although not necessarily the most efficient, is for the U.S. government to do the work through federal agencies .

    Q Jo: I would love to find out how the military folks are fairing with dealing with all this?
    In these disaster response situations the military involvement consists of almost entirely National Guard who act under authority of the governor. They are generally well trained and experienced in these types of operations and are typically among the first responders to arrive. Historically with this system, the guard handled these types of emergencies on the home front while the active duty types focused overseas, worked pretty well. In today's environment we are all pretty busy in the Middle East in fact, many of the Louisiana Guard out here just returned from Afghanistan this summer. However, I believe most of them will tell you they feel good about the assistance they are able to provide their fellow Louisianians and prefer spending 30 to 60 days in Southern Louisiana to spending a year in Iraq or Afghanistan

    Q Jo: How is the return process going.
    A: In general people return pretty quick when power is restored and they have a home to return to. Some areas, such as the town of Cameron (and some other coastal towns) still have a mandatory evacuation in place. This is a very emotional issue to many of the people and you can probably understand why if you place yourself in their shoes.

    Q Jo: Do you feel that putting the military in charge of disaster situations like this would be the best option, or just a back up?
    A: Many factors play into this one. First of all, I believe the federal response plan which brings to bear the resources of many federal agencies under the management of FEMA to respond to these situations is conceptually sound and works pretty well in practice. No doubt improvements can be made and I am certain they will based on lessons learned from Katrina and Rita. Katrina was somewhat of an anomaly considering the devastation which ensued when the levees failed. Also, I believe FEMA was treatly unfairly by the media. Keep in mind FEMA is not the end all solution to disaster response, there are also State and local government roles. All three have to work in a synchronized manner in order to provide an effective response. To answer your question, I guess the bottom line is no, I don't believe putting the military in charge is the best option. I believe the Country is best served by keeping the military's focus overseas and fighting our Nations' wars. Federal response to these natural disasters is best handled by making the current system work.

    Other general information. For RITA, the people of SW Louisiana DID evacuate unlike what we saw for KATRINA and probably as a result of what we saw with KATRINA. When I arrived here in Lake Charles, there was no power and the streets of this city of 90,000 were deserted. The damage in this immediate area is mostly wind damage. What happens is the strong winds blow the trees down, which take all the power lines down and occasionally land on houses, automobiles, etc. Also the sustained winds will sometimes catch a lip of a roof and blow it partially or completely off. It is also common to see roofs with many of the tiles/shingles missing. When this happens the house or building interior is open to the rain which causes a whole bunch of damage (walls, carpets, furniture, etc). Another common debris issue is dealing with refrigerators and freezers which have been without power for a week or more in 90 degree weather. Most people choose to throw them out as opposed to trying to clean/disinfect them. In the Southern Parishes, bordering the Gulf of Mexico, the main issue was storm surge which was estimated at 20 feet in some areas. These are the areas reflected in the pictures below in a previous post that were completely devastated.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:47 PM

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    Greta's Official Statement (very important)
    As of today, October 23, 2005, I will no longer participate in Open trackback threads/parties/whorage or carnivals. Trackbacks will be used as they should be (to let an article know you referenced it). After much research with many of the blog ranking outfits, I have decided I will not try to sponge off the top blogs for rankings anymore. I know I have a damn good and unique blog and I will continue to keep it going because I enjoy it - plain and simple! I will continue to participate in groups I enjoy and read blogs I enjoy. I get about 100 hits a day and have many faithful readers and followers. My efforts will go into the blog content here and at my other blog Elephant in My Coffee.

    Basically my attitude in life is, "I really don't give a rats ass what others think about me" so I will carry that attitude into the blogosphere.

    If you like what I have to say, keep reading and tell a friend about me, otherwise you can go to the top blogs list and see the content and originality many of them are lacking. Nothing against top bloggers, there are even some on my blogroll, but some of them suck!

    If you want to know the secrets to gaining stardom in the blogosphere, I can gear you in that direction. I even challenge someone with a lot of time on their hands to create a blog called simply "#1 blog" and write that every day for content. I will tell them how to get it to the top 1,000 within a month and they will get there. We did a flash in the pan blog "Boycott Pepsico" at one point and our ranking soared the blogosphere!

    I am here for the long haul (with both blogs). So, all you newbies that wish blogger stardom - knock yourselves out!

    Plus, where else can you personally partake in an interview of LTC Perry (my hubby)? Questions for him close today (previous post) so fire away!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:57 AM

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    Saturday, October 22, 2005

    Pictures from Meeting of the Mouths
    Me & Royal Me & Neal Boortz
    Hannity, Ollie, Joe Kelley, Clark Howard, Boortz
    Sean Hannity
    Neal Boortz
    Oliver North

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 6:33 PM

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    Friday, October 21, 2005

    Interview LTC Perry (here & only here)
    As most of you know, hubby is busy with relief efforts from the hurricanes in Lake Charles, LA.

    Well here is your opportunity to interview someone who is in the thick of it, not a staged reporter in a canoe in 1 inch of rain. I can't guaranty he will answer all the questions, but hey, it is worth a shot.

    I have a couple of questions
    1. Is FEMA broken?
    2. Neal Boortz and Clark Howard were going back and forth(at the show last night) if it is the government's responsibility to rebuild New Orleans (for example). Neal said that if you build a house below sea level - near water - tough luck. Clark felt that if you had homeowner's insurance in good faith and were told you didn't live in a flood zone that the fed govt. should help out. Neal felt free trade was very important and that we should just give the people the money and let them do what they want with it not have the feds pick a home and place for them and say - live here. What is your take on this?

    Stop The ACLU
    Don Suber Linkfest
    The Political Teen
    My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
    Mudville Gazette
    Point Five
    Jo’s Cafe
    Publius Rendezvous
    Cafe Oregano
    The Blue State Conservative

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:11 PM

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    Friday Crud
    • set the alarm for 6 AM and spoke to Joe Kelley on the radio - he referenced my blog for the few minutes and it was a lot of fun. Hope I get to do that again. I know I sound like a kid on the phone and imagine the same on the air. At 37, you would think my phone voice would match my age. I still get "is your mom home?" This works in my favor for telemarketers when I say "NO she isn't!"
    • took the rugmonsters to see Wallace and Grommet. We all loved it.
    • Off to Build a Bear to get our free Halloween puzzle
    • day 3 of migraine - last day I'm sure!
    • Princess Whinalot (my daughter) made a spectacle of herself at the mall today
    • had to buy some pants for the boys - they need to stop growing - one wears slims and the other Husky. The Husky pant one is built like his dad and the other like me. Just kidding, making sure my hubby actually reads this and doesn't just skim!
    • "Chicken pot Chicken pot, chicken pot pie!" (quick - where is that from?)
    • Check out Joe Kelley's blog The Sake of Argument

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:48 PM

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    Thursday, October 20, 2005

    Just Call Me the "bra" Lady (no please don't)
    For those of you who read the previous post about my phone call with Neal Boortz, you know he asked me to throw a bra at Hannity tonight. So.....I piled the rugmonsters in the car, stopped at Kohl's to buy the hugest black (4D) bra that I could find on clearance and some skanky thong underwear ( that I was tempted to keep). Anyhoo, the kiddos wondered what I was going to do with them and they laughed and "knew" I would embarrass them somehow (I am good at that).

    Now for the bullet summary of the night.I will have pictures tomorrow. Hubby has both digital cameras, so I was at the mercy of the teen at Walgreens to have my film made into a disc within an hour - she failed miserably. Kids were whining they were tired!

    • My limousine took me to the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University. I mean, I drove by myself in my minivan. With hubby being gone so much I tend to let my imagination get the best of me.
    • I met my hubby's boss and his wife and we head to our 5th row seat. Don't you hate it when you pay for a row and somehow, there are magically additional rows of seats placed in front of you? So, we were more like the 10th row. Do I get a partial refund?
    • A fabulous video intro tribute to the military, the colors were marched in and a little firework type of deal that gave me a (OMG hope this isn't going to be one of those pyrotech accidents).
    • Joe Kelley from KRMG 740 talk radio was the MC of the evening and I must say - he was phenomenal. I see big things for this guy!
    • Oliver North was first - looking as good as ever. He gave a fabulousl talk about the military, war in Iraq, hiring Veterans and was very inspirational.
    • Clark Howard - I plead ignorance, had no idea who this guy was and never bought any of his books. Nevertheless, he was a great speaker and I had a good chuckle with his shorts and tube socks. Lots of what I previously have said about this country "you can't spend more than you make" type of rhetoric. He absolutely missed the boat on the "if the shoes are on sale and you might need them next season, you are actually saving money by buying them now" philosophy.
    • Next came Boortz - looking a little unpolished, but very much himself-Boortzy. He introduced Royal too. Lots of good thoughts and insight about the Fair Tax Plan. Of course, the majority of this audience was already sold on this idea.
    • Lastly - the hottie - Sean Hannity (sorry honey, I pictured that he looked like you the whole time). Great stuff and schtick. He does such a good Clinton impression that even Hildebeast might be fooled.
    • Then to the roundtable chat moderated by Joe Kelley. Neal hogged the stage, but I don't think the others really minded, or at least they didn't act like they did. By then Ollie seems like he could use a nap and Sean was probably rehearsing his show for afterward in his head. Clark held his own as the "Mouth" continued to hang himself in front of the crowd. Apparently he had previously alluded to "Ugly women in Tulsa" and that "women shouldn't vote." Put him in a room with myself and a bunch of military wives for an hour and he will be handing out flowers in the voting line. But, it might take him lots of therapy to recover from the mental and physical abuse we would deliver!
    • Now to the bra...the part you were holding your breath for. Joe (sorry, didn't catch the last name) was taking questions from the audience. My hand went up like the springbutt that I am and he called me over. I told him I had something for Sean. He remembered my call and told me to ask Neal if I should go ahead and do what we talked about on the air a couple of days ago. Neal looked dumbfounded - he didn't recall who I was immediately. Yes, I walked down and threw the bra up on stage. Of course my blog card and TV show idea was attached.
    • Lastly, the book signing, I waited for quite some time to have Neal (Royal too) and Ollie sign my book. Sean had to run out for his show. Got to meet some real cool people and enjoy my "infamous" status.
    • Joe (once again I don't recall his last name) gave me the secret "batphone" number for the radio station. I am supposed to call in at 6:20 AM. I may have to have a cup of joe before I talk to Joe. When I get his last name, I promise to post it.

    Just a thought...Wouldn't it be nice if I could get a show on Fox and hubby could retire and stay home with the kiddos? Would he be able to mow the lawn, buy birthday gifts, do the laundry and drive to 3 different practices in one day...Hell No! But, he could hire someone that could, or I can just keep staying at home!

    P.S. It was Joe Riddle

    Linked to: The Mudville Gazette, Basil's Blog, Cao's blog, Outside the Beltway, Soldier's Angel

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:54 PM

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    Meeting of the Mouths
    Today is the day to see Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, Oliver North & Clark Howard. Besides getting a little grown up time I am anxious to see them yap in front of me. Funny how at this point in my life, they have become part of my daily routine. I listen to Neal & Sean on the radio as I drive the rugmonsters from this activity to that. I can usually catch a little of Sean and sometimes Ollie on TV when the angels are sleeping. Going to go play mommy for a bit and then play grownup this afternoon. I have all their books (except Clark Howard). Who knows, I may be a fan of him after tonight. Gotta go buy a sleezy, skanky bra to throw at Sean (with my blog info attached)!

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    Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    ANTHONY!!! (mother's voice yelling)
    • Just felt like saying that for those that remember Anthony running through the streets of the North End of Boston because Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day. (I can't believe I thought this was NY - thanks for correcting me).
    • Happy Humpday
      Pulled off the football team ice cream social at my house last night - crazy, but went well.
    • Daughter saw ENT - 1 tube is clogged - going to try unclogging it for 2 weeks.
    • kids are home for 5 whole days in a row-yeeha
    • Book club at Elephant in My Coffee, we will shoot for Halloween to open up discussion of the Kite Runner. If you haven't read it - now is the time.
    • having a little deployment pity party for myself today - not sure why - must be hormones or lack of caffeine. Better go get another cup of coffee.
    • If you have had your head up your butt and haven't seen or commented on the previous posts, please take the time to do so!
    • On Sunday I will post a question and answer forum for hubby during his deployment - so fire away with the questions!

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    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    Devistating pictures from Cameron & Vermillion, Louisiana

    Yes, hubby took these pictues from a helicopter.

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    Laughing My Tush Off

    Thanks to Indian Chris for this humorous take of photoshop at my request. Scary to think even 1 person in this world believes the levees were blown up by white people to kill black people.

    BTW - called the Neal Boortz show today to let him know I would be going to The Meeting of the Mouths to see him this week. He wants me to throw a bra up on the stage at Hannity. Well of course I will oblige.

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    Monday, October 17, 2005

    There is More to LA than New Orleans
    Hubby is extremely busy organizing, attending tons of meetings and working hard in The Lake Charles Region. Cameron Parish (Parish is the Cajun name for town- I think) and Vermillion Parish were completely devistated by the surges from Rita. Here is a map for reference of the area. He is impressed by the integrity and values of the people there. He credits them as being very smart and hard working Americans. The devastation is overwhelming to everyone that lives there and those there to help clear debris and rebuild. The big problem is, what do you do with all that debris? Hooah to the Corps of Engineers for their hard work during this natural disaster.

    Just for yucks - The Black Panther party is still convinced that the levees in New Orleans were blown up by white people. Someone make a good photoshop of this one for a laugh!

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    I can't wait any longer!!!
    I did get a ton of hits and trackbacks during my blogiversary, hold my breath celebration. Thank you readers, friends and loyal blog gods and goddesses!

    I'm sure you have been wondering what is up with the Hooah Family & probably couldn't sleep without knowing what we were doing. Even worse, you probably thought you were going to have a depressing Monday without some banter from me.

    First off, I am on my first cup on Dunkin Donuts coffee this morning. This may be a 3 cup day! Speaking of the number 3 - it has been haunting me lately. In the past week I pulled off 3 dentist appointments, 3 birthday parties, taking care of 3 kids & 3 cats (plus the doggie school drop out), 3 teacher's conferences. But, I somehow made it through. Also did my Jewish duty and went to Synagogue for Yom Kippur. I didn't go very long, nor did I fast (I get migraines) but I went, prayed a little and the kids were entertained in the Jr. Congregation. I have atoned all my sins from the past year (just 1 or 2 hehe) and hopefully God will let me have a good year now!

    I am not complaining about this deployment,I would much rather have hubby in Lake Charles, LA than Iraq. But all the same - I am single parenting again. Even worse, the kids only have 2 days of school this week, then I must entertain them for Fall Break - solo. Yeeha - can't wait. This may be an excuse to do a little extra blogging and of course some drinking (just a few)!!!

    My other blog is almost completely done with repairs. It is looking great & Cat & Deb are back in action again!!!YAY!!!

    House is clean, caught up with laundry, need some groceries, get to read at the school today, dentist appointment (makes me nervous because of this latex allergy - they know about it and hopefully will be smarter than most have been) for me today, haul out to gymnastics...yadyadayada - waaaah!

    Happy Monday, coffee drinking, catching up on e-mail and again your well wishes.

    New catch phrase- Oy, get your head out of your ass!!!

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    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    Friday the 14th is my 1 year blogiversary. In honor of this special and most momentous occasion (and to help me gain strength in the blogosphere), I am holding an open trackback blogiversary party (if you blog you know what that is). Otherwise (or in addition), a few meaningless words from you would be welcomed. Either a summary of my blog or a catch phrase (which I need) will be your gifts to me.

    Start writing - I am doing one of my hold my breath tantrums until I reach 40 comments!!! Until the 40, you can find me bitching and griping at Elephant in My Coffee!

    Thanks to Basil for trying to help me with open trackback stuff. I may attempt to do an open trackback forum in the future like he does - but don't want to mess with my new template - I will surely screw it up!

    P.S. previous trackback apologies to al my friends - I broke some etiquette without even knowing it!

    This post linked to: Stop the ACLU, Mudville Gazette, The Indepundit, Outside the Beltway, Euphoric Reality, Jo's cafe, The Political Teen, Basil's Blog, Cao's Blog, Bright & Early, Cafe Oregano

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    West Point Reunion

    Hubby's 20th reunion to West Point was a great success. Lots of fun and "do you remember when stories" none of which I needed to know. We enjoyed being together for the weekend and he is back in St. Charles, LA .


    • a renewed feeling of Patriotism - you can't help it there
    • meeting my hubby's Company pals (A4) and their spouses
    • hearing all the stories of projectiles out the window, getting in trouble and escaping getting in trouble
    • teenagers will be teenagers no matter where they are
    • knowing I might have been able to hang there, but glad I didn't!
    • seeing my old friend Barbara
    • having a little honeymoon with no kiddos!
    • being glad my hubby doesn't and won't know all my college stories
    • kicking back and having fun
    • finding out that most people intheir 40s don't know what a blog is!
    • knowing I was 5 years younger than his pals!



    • arrived on Thursday afternoon - started cocktails at 2:30. Enjoyed goofing off with hubby and meeting old and new friends. Irena Hallsey - met you then.
    • picked up our registration goody bag - cool blanket & bag
    • Went to dinner with hubby & saw some friends I actually knew & we all had dinner
    • back to the bar - I was done at midnight - hubby lasted until 1 ish


    • took the bus up to West Point & went to the Cadet Chapel for a memorial service for his class - it is gorgeous there - they lost 9 out of about 1,000 from their class
    • off to brunch at Ike Hall - walked there and actually got to cut thru some hallowed ground -never would have been allowed in their day
    • Friday cadets get to wear BDUs now
    • blew off 2 meetings and dropped some cash at the gift shops
    • bus back to hotel - get dressed for evening festivities
    • party in 1 hotel room-crazy - dinner
    • went to bed at 1 - hubby 4 (supposed to be on bus at 7:45 for parade) nobody was upset when it was pouring rain and got cancelled)


    • got a ride up to West Point
    • ate lunch in the mess hall & were entertained by the Rebel Rousers (cheerleaders) & the band as well as lots of mess hall stories
    • went with hubby & all his buddies to view their old dorm rooms (we weren't really supposed to)
    • Supposed to go to game - but raining so hard - decided to head to post game party destination & watch the game on TV- took a nap there
    • post-game party and food
    • back to hotel for post everything party


    • brunch with some friends
    • off to NY city with hubby for the day for some shopping- FAO Swartz, American Girl, walking miles, tried to get into Spamalot - didn't happen

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    Monday, October 10, 2005

    Quick Hello

    • fabulous trip
    • lots to share
    • gotta get hubby and Grandma to the airport tomorrow -not at the same time
    • this is a picture of me and my friend from 6 years ago - we picked up like it was yesterday her name is Barbara & they live at West Point where her hubby is an instructor and also a classmate of my hubbys
    • yes - that is beer in my hand!

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    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    Hurricane Katrina Blog
    I am a soldier in the Army National Guard and recently returned from deployment in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. We have created a blog, www.campkatrina.typepad.com, which shares stories and pictures from soldiers who served in operation Vigilant Relief. I was wondering if we could exchange links on our sites. Our blog has been getting some media interest recently and I thought it might benefit us both. I want to let the public know what a great job our military is doing in the south.Thanks,Spc. Phil Van TreurenOhio Army National GuardJAG Corpswww.campkatrina.typepad.com

    Please visit them and welcome them!

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    Tuesday, October 04, 2005

    Anti-War Protesters (from Silke, guest blogger)
    Hi everyone,

    I want to thank Greta for this opportunity and I'm honored to be a guest Hooah Wife. Her description of me was "right on" except for the genius part. In fact I'm going to have to scrounge up some brain cells for this intellectual exercise. The most writing I've done lately is excused absence notes to my sons' teachers on days they were sick.

    Anti-War Protestors: No Solutions, Just Complaints
    My husband is in the Army and serving in Iraq (his second deployment in two years). Normally the anti-war protestors don't bother me that much but two weeks ago they hit a little closer to home. We live in the D.C. area and were attending the National Book Festival on the Mall on the same Saturday that many anti-war protestors demonstrated in front of the White House. My sons have these chains that look like "dog tags" and say "Proud to be a military kid." The boys were going to wear them that day but I had to tell them not to. I didn't tell them why, but I was afraid the protestors would harass us.

    I have mixed feelings about the anti-war protests. I don't think it's necessarily a betrayal of our troops to protest - after all these people are exercising one of our fundamental rights. I also think it's important to hold the administrations feet to the fire and make sure our troops are over there for the right reasons and can come home as soon as possible. The problem is these protestors don't offer any solutions. The troops can't just pull out immediately. That is simplistic and nai've. And despite their assurances that they support our troops, the truth is that to some extent these anti-war protests do affect moral - both for the troops and their families.

    I am proud of my husband's service and the work he is doing in Iraq. Of course I want him home as soon as possible but I also know that he has a job to do and that anything less than 100% of my support would just be a distraction. Of all the signs I saw that day on the Mall, none of them offered any solutions just complaints.

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    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Guest Blogger while I am gone

    I have a guest blogger coming aboard when I travel to West Point.

    Let's all give a warm welcome to her...

    Her name is Silke (German & pronounced See-ka)

    mother of 2 boys, Hooah wife of course, she is a former West Point grad and decided to get out of the Army and be a full time Hooah wife and mom after her first son was born, she is a stinking GENIUS (& I don't use that term lightly), she is a CASA (court appointed special advocate) for foster children, she is extremely laid back (unlike me), we have been friends for (6 years) and many moves between us, she loves books, music, dogs, movies and shopping. She barely reads my blog but glances from time to time. I have tried to get her aboard before and she finally said yes....so please welcome her this week and give her lots of feedback!

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    Hooah Junk
    • I have these nasty little crawly worms and the exterminator is coming today
    • hubby is on his way back to the Parish that was Cameron - pictures coming
    • If cleanliness is next to Godliness, why isn't God cleaning my house?
    • 4 days until the Westpoint Reunion...lots to do before I leave Grandma with the rugmonsters

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    Sunday, October 02, 2005

    "There's only 2 things that scare me and one is nuclear war.""What's the other thing that scares you?""Carnies. Circus folk. Move from town to town. Small hands."
    ~Chevy Chase~

    Took the kids to see Nemo on Ice tonight , took an extra little girl we know for hubby's seat. It was attached to the Tulsa State Fair. It was either clean house or waste money and let the kids see the Fair for a while. You betcha...we went. Cotton candy, that carnival type smell and $40 later...I despise those kinds of things. Yes, the kiddos had a blast!

    Fun site I just bookmarked http://www.uselessmoviequotes.com/umq_v001.htm

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    Saturday, October 01, 2005

    Duty, Honor, Country
    In the spirit of hubby's upcoming 20 year reunion to West Point, the USMA, I thought I would share this speech by MacArthur. We head there on Thursday for the 20 year reunion festivities. He will come home from his deployment for this and then back to the floodlands. I truly look forward to attending the parade and football game (oh ya, the tailgate party and post-party).

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    Deployment Update etc...
    • Hubby was leaving the "Love Barge" in Baton Rouge to head to Cameron, LA today to scope it out...he promised me pictures
    • Gen. Honore was on the barge last night and hubby didn't have the privelage of meeting him..yet
    • I told him to tell Honore that I am writing him in for 2008 or else don't come back from this deployment
    • Lake Charles is apparently coming back to life...slowly, he still hasn't been able to score accomodations there and is having to commute from Baton Rouge
    • We are having a rainy day...yay...I'm not leaving this house today!!!!
    • Daughter was really unaffected by the tube/ear surgery yesterday, she even went to school
    • Down to 3 cats from 5 this year...very sad (my 26 toed cat Buster RIP in my backyard)
    • I don't understand why the 2 posts below haven't taken off, they were both unique posts and the firsts in Technorati
    • Watched Sahara last night with the kiddos ...awesome
    • Watched Robots yesterday with the kids...fun but lots of sexual overtones (thank goodness kiddos didn't catch on)
    • Going to decorate for Halloween today
    • Are you stuck on stupid?
    • Check out my website http://wesurfforyou.com
    • Going to hubby's 20th Westpoint Reunion next week - he will be able to pull this off in the midst of a deployment, somehow
    • My mom is coming in town to watch the kiddos for us
    • I am having fun reading and catching up on my blogroll today

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