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    Sunday, September 25, 2005

    Hooah Junk
    Katrina, Rita, She-who-not be named, Babs, Faranut, ACluseless, my dog eating my Longaberger basket, my daughter needing another set of tubes in her ears this week, far from perfect conduct marks from the boys' progress reports, the growing pile of ironing, my Visa bill, the birdshit on my car... Should I blame Bush for all of these?

    Well, hell, why not, everyone does?

    Hubby has been working every day since Katrina was in site. Hooah to him for his hard work and dedication and Hooah to the Corps of Engineers for all their hard work. I hope by now that you realize that many of the FEMA workers are civilian Federal employees. Many of them and the equipment come from the Corps of engineers.

    Got an early morning call from hubby's work - head in early - you may be heading for hurricane recovery. About 11 am he called up to say he needed his uniforms from the dry cleaners today & they are closed on Sunday. My neighbor knew the owner and called him. He met me at the cleaners and gave them to me free of charge. There is someone who supports the military - how sweet.

    Finished all the laundry, shopped for toiletries for him and started his packing. And OMG - he is set to go in the AM. Less than 12 hours and we pulled off him being 100% prepared. Hopefully he will e-mail me some cool stuff to post. I also told him to please get Geraldo's autograph for me if he meets him - that man is a lunatic.

    P.S. Personally I think Babs is confused about global warming and all the hot air coming out of Hollywierd maybe causing it.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:39 PM

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