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    Monday, August 22, 2005

    Questioning the War "Hooah Style"
    I am behind my President, behind the US military, behind every person who has lost a soldier, stay away from MSM and yet, I can't help but question the war. Why shouldn't I, it is my God given right to question anything. I am not a warmonger, nor think anybody "in his or her right" mind is. I display my yellow ribbons on my car and am proud to be a "Hooah Wife." If my hubby has to go back to the sandbox, I will be right beside him in spirit.

    Four more years in Iraq with US soldiers, well that shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone. This is a huge country with lots of "bad guys" in it or leaking across neighboring countries. Us being there is not the reason for them hating us. The mentality is not "leave us alone and we will leave you alone" it is "you are an infidel and I want to kill you so I can claim the prize behind door #1."
    WMD, I really could care less about this one at this point. Of course they had stuff and it is hiding in some rat hole like Saddam was, like Bin Laden is. For goodness sake, he gassed his "own" people over there, that was reason enough to lend a hand. Kind of like being in a car wreck, you hope passers by stop to help you out. Who wouldn't help? Hell, I would go help if I didn't have 3 kids and a husband who already helps.

    What do I think of anti-war protesters and the MSM? Sit back and think how you are perceived on the "other side." I checked Al Jazeera's headlines this morning and they were all about "anti-war protesters" in the US. Way better news for them than strong military supporters. Do I ever go out and hold a sign up that I condone this war - no, but that is not my style. I would rather shoot for having my facts and carrying on intelligent discussions.

    The US is on a drive to make us understand why we are in Iraq and why we are staying there. No doubt at this point that this needs to be done. So to get to the title, I don't question our need for being in Iraq, I do however have some questions that are none of my business. They are those for the Intelligence personnel. It is kind of like a family squabble and you aren't there to witness it, but you want to take sides. To most Americans, Iraq seems like a giant, sandy country with people that stand there every day and shout at us to go home, or better yet blow us up to send a message while the soldiers just wander around aimlessly while we do this and get blown up once in a while as a "direct hit" like in battleship.

    My criticisms at this point, is for the President to relay better to the American people every day about something good done by us being in Iraq. If the UN doesn't want to help us with that PR, it is time for us to part ways with them. We "are" doing good and unfortunately this is a war and casualties are to be expected. Did all the people there like being under the rule of a vicious dictator - hell no. Do all the people in Iraq hate Americans - hell no. Does the President gain anything positive from this war - hell no. Should we have waited to start this war - well maybe, but I wasn't there to make that decision, nor were you. I have to put my trust in those who are in charge of making decisions like that. Should Clinton have nipped this one in the bud, probably. None of us are soothsayers or can predict the future, we can only go on history and current information.

    So, if you are truly against the war - that is your right. Will stomping and screaming on TV help your cause - maybe, but will also give fuel to the fire to the "enemy." Have any soldiers died needlessly, hell no. Only time will truly tell the outcome of this war, but we have come so far already. Who could have predicted "insurgents" continuing to blow themselves up? There is no defending against suicide crazed people, Israel can tell us that from her history. Do we have an exit strategy, yes, to leave when the mission is complete. Who decides on that mission, not me thank goodness. Do I trust those that decide the objectives and plans- I have to because I am a proud American and love my Country and my Freedom. Hooah!

    P.S. I am not a journalist, nor ever claimed to be. I do not write this for weeks, it is off my brain and done in between housework, kid and pet chores. Critique and comment at will - you won't hurt my feelings!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:54 AM

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