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    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    I Was Tagged
    I got Tagged........
    Chevy Rose over at Sleepless Mind has tagged me for a game of "Numbers"

    10 years ago - I lived in Satellite Beach, FL at Patrick AFB. I was pregnant with my first born, and was a permanent substitute PE teacher at a middle school. I taught aerobics to the kids and walked on the beach every day! We also had our first boat and really used it a lot. We moved to Florida as a compassionate assignment as hubby's mom had cancer.

    5 years ago - I lived in Harker Height at Fort Hood Texas. I spent most that year in the hospital with my second born who refused to eat. I made a lot of good friends and enjoyed our first real house (even though it was a rental). I really learned a lot about being an "army wife" there!

    1 year ago - I moved to Podunk, OK (I mean a suburb of Tulsa). I was pretty miserable when I moved here as I left a lot of good friends behind. I entertained the kids all summer at the YMCA pool and didn't have any friends yet (poor me). Hubby and I got right to work making this house a home - it is by far bigger than I ever imagined I could maintain! The boys started their new school and my daughter stayed home with me all day!

    1 day ago - Started the day with my Dunkin Donuts coffee - about a pot. Went to the vet to get the new medicine for my cat, who is really not dying (we thought he was) but is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I cleaned the upstairs of the house for most of the day - exciting. Cleaned some more and made dinner. Cleaned some more and set up Google Adwords for the business I have with my 2 friends We Surf For You.

    5 Favorite snacks: (favorite not necessarily healthy)
    banana with peanut butter
    ice cream
    anything chocolate
    anything sweet

    5 Songs I know the words to:
    Probably none as we constantly make up songs in this house. My kids all went to school substituting the cats names into every song!

    What I would do with Five Million Dollars:
    Pay off the house, buy new cars, landscape and put in a pool, build a huge shop for hubby, make hubby retire ASAP, take a huge family vacation (with my parents included), invest invest, invest, set up funds and trusts for each kid. We'd probably give to a few charities and really make a difference - The Fisher House, The Ronald McDonald House & the Cat Rescue.

    5 Places I would escape to for a while:
    any beach with a book
    Colorado for a ski vacation
    Greek Islands
    my bedroom with my laptop and nobody to wait on
    Big Cedar Lodge

    5 Things I would not wear:
    white shoes in the winter
    shirts that show my belly button (too old)
    a girdle
    any heel over an inch - way too uncomfortable
    a clown costume - I hate clowns

    5 Favorite T.V. Programs:
    Rock Start INXS
    Seinfeld reruns
    Amazing Race (when it comes back)
    Sponge Bob of course
    any reality show

    5 Greatest Joys: ( I cheated and gave 7)
    1st born son
    2nd born son
    adopted daughter
    good friends
    my parents

    5 Favorite Toys:
    palm pilot
    anything electronic
    all kids toys - I just love them
    my coffee maker (does that count)

    5 People I will Tag to play:
    Deb at Elephant in My Coffee
    Cat at Elephant in My Coffee
    Indian Chris
    NY girl (my new internet friend)
    Zib a knitter (which I never want to be) with very strong political views

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:30 AM

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