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    Wednesday, August 31, 2005

    Army Cracking Down on Milbloggers
    Got this article off Drudge this morning. Milblogging is the greatest thing to combat the pathetic excuse for MSM war coverage. But, lots of caveats are necessary for soldiers "and journalists" who give way too much information (Geraldo did that). However, I am sorry to say that the coverage of She who not me named is probably the most dangerous ammunition for our enemies (and we have a few). Aren't embedded journalists with an agenda a risk too? We are in a WAR people.

    My hubby is a seasoned soldier and was very clear what he would share on a blog and wouldn't. Lots of milbloggers are young soldiers with lots of technology know how and may not think before posting or sharing photos. Lets put it this way, the last time I lost my military ID, I had to file a police report with the MPs because it could get into the wrong hands. You wouldn't draw a map of your house with an X marks the spot on your valuables to share with all bloggers while you are on vacation!

    I can't wait to see how the MSM playes this one out - call the stinkin ACLUseless - soldiers rights are being violated and this just goes to show the cover-up that the Bush administration continues by hiding the truths that our soldiers know!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:42 AM

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    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    A Governor With Cajones
    Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour said looting will not be tolerated in his state.

    "I have instructed the highway patrol and the National Guard to treat looters ruthlessly," Barbour said. "Looting will not be not be tolerated and rules of engagement will be as aggressive as the law allows."

    Now why can't Bush say "Illegal immigration will not be tolerated in this Country?"

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:19 PM

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    Bring On the Coffee IV
    I have done more physical labor, working on this acre from hell (I really do love it), in the past 3 days - my body is screaming "you aren't in your 20s and ready to do another triathlon!" Daughter up with the sniffles and squeezed into bed with me after asking for a cup of water. Dog heard the neighbor leave for work at 2:30 and decided his mom better let him out to explore the yard at this time. Hubby snuck out the door & I didn't even notice. The boys got dressed and then let me know they were up. I wonder if this is a 2 pot coffee day?

    I don't think I have a lot to blurt out of my big mouth this morning (for a change). I feel awful for the devastation that Katrina has caused. I think I will call the Red Cross this morning and see if I can come man phones or something (after at least 1 pot).

    I would like to do something cool for the Thursday blogburst on stop the ACLUseless - any tips and suggestions welcome!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:20 AM

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    Monday, August 29, 2005

    George Costanza Work Tips
    Good Monday morning. Thoughts going out to the Katrina victims. Please look at previous posts and comment. Have a laugh with this post!

    1. Never walk down the hall without a document in your hands. People with documents in their hands look like hard working employees heading for important meetings. People with nothing in their hands look like they're heading for thec afeteria. People with a newspaper in their hand look lik ethey're heading for the toilet. Above all, make sure you carry loads of stuff home with you at night, thus generating the false impression that you work longer hours than you do.

    2. Use computers to look busy. Any time you use a computer, it looks like "work" to the casual observer. You can send and receive personal e-mail, calculate your finances and generally have a blast without doing anything remotely related to work. These aren't exactly the societal benefits that the proponents of the computer revolution would like to talk about but they're not bad either. When you get caught by your boss -and you *will* get caught - your best defence is to claim you're teaching yourself to use new software, thus saving valuable training dollars.

    3. Messy desk. Top management can get away with a clean desk. For the rest of us, it looks like you're not working hard enough. Build huge piles of documents around your workspace. To the observer, last year's work looks the same as today's work; it's volume that counts. Pile them high and wide. If you know somebody is coming to your cubicle, bury the document you'll need halfway down in an existing stack and rummage for it when he/she arrives.

    4. Voice Mail. Never answer your phone if you have voicemail. People don't call you just because they want to giveyou something for nothing - they call because they want YOU to do work for THEM. That's no way to live. Screen all your calls through voice mail. If somebody leaves a voice mail message for you and it sounds like impending work, respond during lunch hour when you know they're not there - it looks like you're hardworking and conscientious even though you're being a devious weasel. If you diligently employ the method of screening incoming calls and then returning calls when nobody is there, this will greatly increase the odds that the caller will give up or look for a solution that doesn't involve you. The sweetest voice mail message you can ever hear is: "Ignore my last message. I took care of it". If your voice mailbox has a limit on the number of messages it can hold, make sure you reach that limit frequently. One way todo that is to never erase any incoming messages. If that takes too long, send yourself a few messages. Your callers will hear a recorded message that says, "Sorry, this mailbox is full" - a sure sign that you are a hardworking employee in high demand.

    5. Looking Impatient and Annoyed. According to GeorgeCostanza, one should also always try to look impatient andannoyed to give your bosses the impression that you arealways busy.

    6. Appear to Work Late. Always leave the office late, especially when the boss is still around. You could read magazines and storybooks that you always wanted to read but have no time until late before leaving. Make sure you walk past the boss' room on your way out. Send important emails at unearthly hours (e.g. 9:35pm, 7:05am, etc...) and during public holidays.

    7. Creative Sighing for Effect. Sigh loudly when there are many people around, giving the impression that you are very hard pressed.

    8. Stacking Strategy. It is not enough to pile lots of documents on the table. Put lots of books on the floor etc. .. . Can always borrow from library. Thick computer manuals are the best.

    9. Build Vocabulary. Read up on some computer magazines and pick out all the jargon and new products. Use it freely when in conversation with bosses. Remember: They don't have to understand what you say, but you sure sound impressive.

    10. * MOST IMPORTANTLY: DON'T forward this to your boss by mistake!!!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:18 AM

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    Sunday, August 28, 2005

    The Newest Way to Cross The Border
    Human cannonballing - say it aint so!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 11:01 AM

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    Sunday, Sunday
    It is a lazy day sooo far, slept late, 10:00 and still in PJs and drinking coffee & eating donuts, how great. The boys are playing Sponge Bob - tackling Bikini bottom, hubby reading paper (snoring on couch), daughter bugging me, dog taking his morning nap after being outside for 5 minutes of exercise, cats all sleeping - what else do cats do?

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:05 AM

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    Saturday, August 27, 2005

    I posted on "Huffington/Sheehan" (vomit coming up)
    "She who not be named" has a blog on Huffington's blog - here is what I posted. DOUBT it will make their screening process. We wouldn't want anything besides "you go she who not be named."

    We all must remember, soldiers are necessary for only one thing - to defend and fight in a war. My husband is also the sweetest thing at home, but I know he will stand and defend our Country for my children & I. People overlook the true purpose of the military - not college, not because they thought it would be fun, not to get extra money by working a weekend a month - they are purely in existence to defend and fight. All the other stuff they receive is just icing on the cake. People certainly don't get rich monetarily by being a soldier - but in our heart my whole family is rich having a soldier in our house. When he goes back to the sand box - I will be proud and stand beside him in thoughts. We are a Hooah family & I am a Hooah Wife and Casey was a Hooah soldier.

    Posted by Greta (Hooah Wife) at August 26, 2005 01:54 PM

    Follow up August 27th AM

    Looks like my post made too much sense to share with the public. They even posted Scrappleface's post. It seems the flavor of the posts there are either right wing moonbats who are crude and look ridiculous or those who love and agree with "she who not be named." What kind of blog is this and what is the reason? As long as you are not nasty and make sense you will make the cut on 99.99% of blogs in the blogosphere. But, the one that seeks fame and fortune screens out comments that make sense. Oh God, coffee vomit is brewing in my trachea!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 12:59 PM

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    Friday, August 26, 2005

    Friday Crud
    • I posted this morning on http://eimc.blogspot.com - check it out
    • There are some good discussions still going on in previous posts - please join
    • my cat is feeling 100% better
    • my house will never be 100% clean unless I get rid of the pets and family!
    • We had open house at the boys school last night - same crud from the teachers - they are very bright and a little too social, but sweet & lots of fun. I told one teacher that my number 2 son will be fun at frat parties someday - she laughed & said she married someone 20 years older & the same qualities as him - too funny!
    • I called the local paper yesterday & went down for an interview about We Surf for You & we talked about blogging & there will be an article on how & why to start a blog - I'll share when it is published
    • I need to find a babysitter for tomorrow night - I have to go to a retirement party. (Chris, want to driveup & be dazzled by the kids -hehe).

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:18 AM

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    Thursday, August 25, 2005

    Code Pink Stinks Really Bad!
    Alright I am sick over these loonies reported at The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy and on Drudge. If you want to protest the war, fine, but for the sake of humanity - leave the poor injured soldiers alone.

    Others talking about this NY Girl, Urban Grounds, and the barking-moonbat. There will be alot more to follow!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 4:52 PM

    | Permalink

    Sorry folks, couldn't come up with a good post this morning - migraine hangover today. All I can say is, join the group http://stoptheaclu.com if you have a blog. Even if you don't have a blog, a $5 donation would help. Hmmmm, I wonder if Pat Robertson will be the ACLU's new spokesman? If you didn't read my "brilliant" recent post about the ACLUseless, take a peek and please comment!

    This was a production of >Stop The ACLU blogburst. Almost 100 blogs already on board. If you want to join us go to http://www.blogger.com/>our portal and register. Its very simple. We will add you to the mailing list and send you the rest of the info at that point.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:18 AM

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    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    I Was Tagged
    I got Tagged........
    Chevy Rose over at Sleepless Mind has tagged me for a game of "Numbers"

    10 years ago - I lived in Satellite Beach, FL at Patrick AFB. I was pregnant with my first born, and was a permanent substitute PE teacher at a middle school. I taught aerobics to the kids and walked on the beach every day! We also had our first boat and really used it a lot. We moved to Florida as a compassionate assignment as hubby's mom had cancer.

    5 years ago - I lived in Harker Height at Fort Hood Texas. I spent most that year in the hospital with my second born who refused to eat. I made a lot of good friends and enjoyed our first real house (even though it was a rental). I really learned a lot about being an "army wife" there!

    1 year ago - I moved to Podunk, OK (I mean a suburb of Tulsa). I was pretty miserable when I moved here as I left a lot of good friends behind. I entertained the kids all summer at the YMCA pool and didn't have any friends yet (poor me). Hubby and I got right to work making this house a home - it is by far bigger than I ever imagined I could maintain! The boys started their new school and my daughter stayed home with me all day!

    1 day ago - Started the day with my Dunkin Donuts coffee - about a pot. Went to the vet to get the new medicine for my cat, who is really not dying (we thought he was) but is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I cleaned the upstairs of the house for most of the day - exciting. Cleaned some more and made dinner. Cleaned some more and set up Google Adwords for the business I have with my 2 friends We Surf For You.

    5 Favorite snacks: (favorite not necessarily healthy)
    banana with peanut butter
    ice cream
    anything chocolate
    anything sweet

    5 Songs I know the words to:
    Probably none as we constantly make up songs in this house. My kids all went to school substituting the cats names into every song!

    What I would do with Five Million Dollars:
    Pay off the house, buy new cars, landscape and put in a pool, build a huge shop for hubby, make hubby retire ASAP, take a huge family vacation (with my parents included), invest invest, invest, set up funds and trusts for each kid. We'd probably give to a few charities and really make a difference - The Fisher House, The Ronald McDonald House & the Cat Rescue.

    5 Places I would escape to for a while:
    any beach with a book
    Colorado for a ski vacation
    Greek Islands
    my bedroom with my laptop and nobody to wait on
    Big Cedar Lodge

    5 Things I would not wear:
    white shoes in the winter
    shirts that show my belly button (too old)
    a girdle
    any heel over an inch - way too uncomfortable
    a clown costume - I hate clowns

    5 Favorite T.V. Programs:
    Rock Start INXS
    Seinfeld reruns
    Amazing Race (when it comes back)
    Sponge Bob of course
    any reality show

    5 Greatest Joys: ( I cheated and gave 7)
    1st born son
    2nd born son
    adopted daughter
    good friends
    my parents

    5 Favorite Toys:
    palm pilot
    anything electronic
    all kids toys - I just love them
    my coffee maker (does that count)

    5 People I will Tag to play:
    Deb at Elephant in My Coffee
    Cat at Elephant in My Coffee
    Indian Chris
    NY girl (my new internet friend)
    Zib a knitter (which I never want to be) with very strong political views

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:30 AM

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    Tuesday, August 23, 2005

    Go visit my Okie friend
    A great guy and ladies, he is single, 26, Native American, Republican, very smart, loves music and his computer. He barely sleeps as he suffers from insomnia, so he will be there to devote all his time and effort to you. A great sense of humor and is going places - maybe a Native American politician. Happy Birthday Chris!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 1:34 PM

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    Monday, August 22, 2005

    Questioning the War "Hooah Style"
    I am behind my President, behind the US military, behind every person who has lost a soldier, stay away from MSM and yet, I can't help but question the war. Why shouldn't I, it is my God given right to question anything. I am not a warmonger, nor think anybody "in his or her right" mind is. I display my yellow ribbons on my car and am proud to be a "Hooah Wife." If my hubby has to go back to the sandbox, I will be right beside him in spirit.

    Four more years in Iraq with US soldiers, well that shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone. This is a huge country with lots of "bad guys" in it or leaking across neighboring countries. Us being there is not the reason for them hating us. The mentality is not "leave us alone and we will leave you alone" it is "you are an infidel and I want to kill you so I can claim the prize behind door #1."
    WMD, I really could care less about this one at this point. Of course they had stuff and it is hiding in some rat hole like Saddam was, like Bin Laden is. For goodness sake, he gassed his "own" people over there, that was reason enough to lend a hand. Kind of like being in a car wreck, you hope passers by stop to help you out. Who wouldn't help? Hell, I would go help if I didn't have 3 kids and a husband who already helps.

    What do I think of anti-war protesters and the MSM? Sit back and think how you are perceived on the "other side." I checked Al Jazeera's headlines this morning and they were all about "anti-war protesters" in the US. Way better news for them than strong military supporters. Do I ever go out and hold a sign up that I condone this war - no, but that is not my style. I would rather shoot for having my facts and carrying on intelligent discussions.

    The US is on a drive to make us understand why we are in Iraq and why we are staying there. No doubt at this point that this needs to be done. So to get to the title, I don't question our need for being in Iraq, I do however have some questions that are none of my business. They are those for the Intelligence personnel. It is kind of like a family squabble and you aren't there to witness it, but you want to take sides. To most Americans, Iraq seems like a giant, sandy country with people that stand there every day and shout at us to go home, or better yet blow us up to send a message while the soldiers just wander around aimlessly while we do this and get blown up once in a while as a "direct hit" like in battleship.

    My criticisms at this point, is for the President to relay better to the American people every day about something good done by us being in Iraq. If the UN doesn't want to help us with that PR, it is time for us to part ways with them. We "are" doing good and unfortunately this is a war and casualties are to be expected. Did all the people there like being under the rule of a vicious dictator - hell no. Do all the people in Iraq hate Americans - hell no. Does the President gain anything positive from this war - hell no. Should we have waited to start this war - well maybe, but I wasn't there to make that decision, nor were you. I have to put my trust in those who are in charge of making decisions like that. Should Clinton have nipped this one in the bud, probably. None of us are soothsayers or can predict the future, we can only go on history and current information.

    So, if you are truly against the war - that is your right. Will stomping and screaming on TV help your cause - maybe, but will also give fuel to the fire to the "enemy." Have any soldiers died needlessly, hell no. Only time will truly tell the outcome of this war, but we have come so far already. Who could have predicted "insurgents" continuing to blow themselves up? There is no defending against suicide crazed people, Israel can tell us that from her history. Do we have an exit strategy, yes, to leave when the mission is complete. Who decides on that mission, not me thank goodness. Do I trust those that decide the objectives and plans- I have to because I am a proud American and love my Country and my Freedom. Hooah!

    P.S. I am not a journalist, nor ever claimed to be. I do not write this for weeks, it is off my brain and done in between housework, kid and pet chores. Critique and comment at will - you won't hurt my feelings!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:54 AM

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    Work and a Beer
    Looking for something silly and obscure today - I thought I'd share this with you. Happy Monday to those who work outside the home. You might want to share this with your boss as an innovative work idea. I apologize or take thanks (which ever you want) for his well endowed women pix on the sidebar!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:00 AM

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    Saturday, August 20, 2005

    Daily crud
    • Hunter S. Thompson is soon to fly off in space
    • I have just had 2 Margaritas
    • Gaza is soon to be completely evacuated - is the news slanting this one? Are the settlers the ones fighting the most or the protesters coming in to fight? If I were there - you bet your ass I would be fighting until the end too.
    • The Dems are now completely blaming Bush for the gas prices
    • It is also Bush's fault about anything that happened bad this week. He is becoming the Liberal scapegoat of the Century. Of course, he personally killed Casey Sheehan and is responsible for my cat's irritable bowel syndrome. Maybe I'll send him the vet bill?
    • I need to win the lottery, but I guess I better play it first!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 6:56 PM

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    Friday, August 19, 2005

    Real News
    I was contacted by US Central Command to post a link on my site. What a fabulous treasure this site is. I urge you all to check it out and blogroll it yourself!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 5:34 PM

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    Wednesday, August 17, 2005

    ACLU and my Views
    Reclaim America has some great history of the ACLUseless. Let me go over their points with my comments added:

    The American Civil Liberties Union
    Legalized Child Pornography - sick anyway you slice it
    Legalized Drugs - for medical stuff sure - for an occasional smoke for a grown-up - sure - but we know the effects will trickle down and mess up our kids
    Tax Exemptions for Satanists - how about the Fair Tax - then it doesn't matter
    Legalized Prostitution - as far as that - if it is done like Amsterdam maybe - but come on folks, this shouldn't be a job choice given by high school career counselors
    Abortion on Demand - I am against abortion, but am pro-choice, but minors - don't agree
    Mandatory Sex Education - I was a health teacher & believe me, they knew it all by 9th grade
    Ideological Tests for Court Appointees - don't we have that now?
    Automatic Entitled Probation - F@$! criminal rights
    Public Demonstrations by Nazis and Communists - ya whatever
    Legalized Polygamy - give this one an inch - you will get men marrying their wife and their dog
    Busing - grew up with this, didn't work for either side if you ask me

    Legalized Optional School Prayer - pray at home or during a moment of silence only!
    Sobriety Checkpoints - driving intoxicated is not a right I am willing to allow
    Tax Exemptions for Churches - again Fair Tax, there are so many "churches" that are fraudulent it is ridiculous
    Religious Displays in Public- Is Santa religious or fun, do I need a Nativity in front of my kids school - no. Everyone wants what they want & want it everywhere. Put your Nativity on your lawn (go ahead- bash me on this one)
    Medical Safety Reporting - sounds like a no-brainer
    Parental Consent Laws - yes, unless a judge is involved
    School Vouchers and Home Schooling- not a big fan of either of these, but maybe it will improve public schools???
    Government Ethics Committees- ???
    Prison Terms for Criminal Offenses- No shit!
    Public Demonstrations for Direct Action by Pro-lifers - free country, but then you look like Moonbats
    Teaching "Monogamous Heterosexual Intercourse within Marriage" in Public Schools - how about sticking to reading & writing?

    Donohue, William A. Twilight of Liberty: The Legacy of the ACLU. Transaction Publishers, 1994.
    © 2001 Coral Ridge Ministries All Rights Reserved.

    This was a >Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to participate please http://www.blogger.com/>Register At Our Portal. Pretty simple. We will add you to the blogroll, and send you the rest of the info you will need. Almost 100 sites already onboard!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:40 PM

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    Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    Calling ALL Jewish Democrats!!!
    “You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestineand you'll stop the terrorism.” -- Cindy Sheehan, anti-war protestor in Crawford

    August 15, 2005

    Dear RJC Members: The front page of just about every newspaper this weekend noted the anti-war protest of Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier who was killed in Iraq. The Democrats have jumped on board Ms. Sheehan’s protest – casting her and her message as heroic examples for the rest of the nation.

    She has been heralded by Democrats such as Joe Trippi, campaign manager for Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean’s campaign for President, Michael Moore, and organizations such as Democrats.com, MoveOn.org, True Majority, and Democracy for America.

    While Democrats are busy making Cindy Sheehan their spokesman and avatar of their views, we see her as yet another example of how critics of Israel within the Democratic Party have taken control of the party's agenda.

    If Cindy Sheehan’s ideas are what the Democrats have to offer, then more and more American Jews will continue to see that there is no place for them in the Democratic Party.Take another look at the quote at the top of this letter. If only it were an aberration. Unfortunately, it represents only a tip of the iceberg of Ms. Sheehan’s world-view.

    In a letter to Nightline, Ms. Sheehan wrote that the entire Iraq War was part of a neo-conservative plot to benefit Israel:

    Am I emotional? Yes, my first born was murdered. Am I angry? Yes, he was killed for lies and for a PNAC Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel. My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel. Cindy Sheehan's letter And Ms. Sheehan, the voice of Democrat opposition to the war, reported what she would tell the President if she were to meet him (again):

    You tell me the truth. You tell me that my son died for oil. You tell me that my son died to make your friends rich. You tell me my son died to spread the cancer of Pax Americana, imperialism in the Middle East. http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7w7pbobab.0.zaeobobab.hmh6xun6.18329&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.truthout.org%2Fdocs_2005%2Fprinter_B081005.shtml

    Is that where the Democrats are on the War in Iraq – and on US policy in the Middle East? The elimination of Saddam Hussein’s tyrannical rule is a victory for the oil companies and for American imperialism?
    You know, as well as I, that Saddam Hussein launched scud missiles at Israel.
    You know that he operated rape rooms and torture chambers.
    You know that he launched chemical weapons at his own people.
    You know that he housed terrorists as his guests in Iraq – terrorists such as Abu Nidal, who murdered Leon Klinghoffer on the Achille Lauro cruise ship.
    You know that Saddam paid a bounty of $25,000 to the families of Palestinian homicide bombers.
    You know that he was a threat to the stability of the entire region.
    You also know that there were strong links between Saddam’s Iraq and Al Qaeda (for a new comprehensive summary of the latest evidence, check out http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7w7pbobab.0.9aeobobab.hmh6xun6.18329&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.HusseinAndTerror.com).
    We hope that you will use the link below to forward this message to your family and friends.

    Regards, Matt Brooks
    Republican Jewish Coalition
    email: mail@rjchq.org
    web: http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7w7pbobab.0.qydcp9n6.hmh6xun6.18329&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rjchq.org

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:43 AM

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    Mental Massachusetts
    I read this story on Drudge this morning and thought... why don't you give breathalizers to your politicians as well? Doesn't MA have enough problems with The Big Dig and oh ya, letting a sex offender drive my retarded Aunt around through the Mass Transit (April 30th post).?A sad story indeed about a returning Marine who fired his shotgun (2 minor injuries) out his home window and thought ... maybe it was because the liberal attitude made him do that. I just continue to see MA as the reason for mental health problems. This mental health survey they are proposing for returning guardsman is probably useless! I don't think the survey would have prevented the shooting...or would it have?

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:57 AM

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    Monday, August 15, 2005

    Eminent Domain Israeli Style
    I just can't imagine what those 8,000 Israelis being relocated and evicted from their houses are going through.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 11:52 AM

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    Fair Tax

    If you don't own a copy yet - go buy 2! I gave one to the "bug guy" who couldn't wait to read it. He already had 3 people in mind to pass it on to. The book is a simple read with Boortz's humor making it not very dry. You will learn & be entertained at the same time. Is it a perfect plan? Well, close as it can get. Will it fly? I sure hope so - would make April 15th a wonderful Spring day. Why should I buy it...because I say so - dammit! If we keep it on the best seller list, it draws national attention & maybe it can happen. The goal would be in 2007 for the USto go "cold turkey" and start it. Sorry about the IRS job losses, but those employees would benefit from the stimulated economy.

    Countdown until school starts: 4 days!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:33 AM

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    Sunday, August 14, 2005

    How True

    Thanks Indian Chris for this gift!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:57 PM

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    From Our Friends in Australia
    by Bozwell @ 4:04 pm. Filed under General, Bozwell

    I was in the Caulfield - Glenhuntly - Elsternwick area last night. I was cold, exposed to the elements and not in a particularly good mood. I would have given anything to be at home, relaxed and comfortable--but I was working you see.

    During the course of my duties I suddenly became aware of quite a lot of activity, people walking up and down the streets-whole families in some cases. An old man with a long white beard and dressed in black walked past me on the footpath. As he passed me by he smiled and dipped his hat, I nodded back in acknowledgement.

    It was of course the Sabbath, and I was amongst a large community of Jewish people going about their business on Balaclava Road. I couldn't help but like seeing what was going on around me and found my mood improving. They appeared to be happy and content and there seemed to be an unspoken sense of community amongst them.

    As a result of being exposed to this, I realised that this sense of community and family values was a wonderful sight to behold. I found myself wondering how such a tragic history, such as they have lived through generation after generation could have bred such a gentle group of people. Of course the answer was clear--The Jewish people display such strength and dignity that how could anyone take that away from them? To me this was an undeniable fact considering what I was witnessing.

    That old saying rings true "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", especially in the Jewish community. They are a proud and noble people who have overcome unthinkable amounts of hatred in order to survive.

    All I can say in retrospect is that being on Balaclava Road on a cold winter's night was by no means the worst place I could have been at the time.
    In fact, the experience provided me with much to reflect upon.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 12:56 PM

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    Friday, August 12, 2005

    This & that from Greta
    • It is 100 degrees for the gazillionth day in a row & it hasn't rained. I guess OK is giving me a taste of my afterlife.
    • school starts the 18th - YAY!!!
    • this school year I will get into a real good exercise routine - we'll see
    • I just read the book Walter the Farting Dog to my 7 year old & was in tears of laughter
    • Cindy Sheehan needs a vacation on an island with Margaritas
    • My 4 year old has been registered for the city's Pre-K program for about 4 months & I was told yesterday they haven't got a classroom yet for her class. Do I need to fight this one? She was one of the first registered...I don't get incompetence!
    • My cat has had irritable bowel for year now
    • I am reading "the Fair Tax Book" & "100 people who screwed up America"
    • Harry Potter book was great
    • My 76 year old dad flies home from his 3 day visit tomorrow. He has had his hearing aids turned off with all the kid yelling & screaming. I think his funmeter expired.
    • Hubby has 5 more weeks of the sling from surgery - 5 more weeks of extra house & yardwork for me-YAY!
    • I can't believe adults my age have no idea what a blog is!
    • I hate idiots!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:20 PM

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    Wednesday, August 10, 2005

    My First "Stop The ACLU" Blogburst

    I have recently joined forces with the group Stop the ACLU . This is the first weekly blogburst I am participating in & I am soooo stinkin excited. As a Republican, Jewish (agnostic), vegetarian (24 years - not the family & I do cook meat), former Greenpeace supporter (in my teens), & pro-choice military Hooah wife...you would think I might support the ACLUseless a little bit. WRONG!!!

    How about my overseas friends...do you view them in a positive light & do you have similar organizations?

    H/T to Indian Chris & John K for the picture

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:43 PM

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    Tuesday, August 09, 2005

    Why Don't People Get It???
    I think I have drilled these 2 points into my kids heads over & over. They probably have nightmares about them.

    1. Think before you speak
    2. Be responsible for your own actions

    Why don't adults get this??? Is it because they had shitty parents and didn't learn these lessons or because society has failed them (the village)? Face it, there are just idiots out there and some of them have kids. The problem with them, is they sit mostly on the left of the political spectrum and have impact on my kids world today. Time to start a Pre-K thru 4th grade Young Republicans group! The bigger question is - how did I get raised in Massachusetts by 2 liberal parents and become a Conservative? The odds are that I would be just like them. Love them both to death, but talk politics - they shouldn't even go there with me! Maybe I am just "wicked smaht" & of course dripping with sarcasm just like a good Yankee woman should be!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:09 PM

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    Great Quote
    "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day."

    ~George Carlin~

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:10 AM

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    Monday, August 08, 2005

    Darn allergies
    I think I am allergic to housework - send me an illegal maid please!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 7:44 AM

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    Saturday, August 06, 2005

    Where Are the War Heroes?
    This headline hit the way I feel right now. I feel that the American youth of today are denied of knowing the respect and pedestals that the soldiers of yesterday received. What is wrong with this left wing, media crazy, anti-American sentiment that seems to be in vogue? Why has it become so acceptable to have a yellow ribbon on your car just to look good in the office parking lot? What happened to the patriotism after 9/11 when we realized that all AMERICANS ARE IN THIS TOGETHER? Everyone had a flag on their car and seemed so proud of it.

    This is not a Republican War or a war of politics. It is a war to protect the youth of tomorrow so they won't have to fight it. It is a war to protect people who were under the rule of a vicious dictator who hid his weapons very well after the fact. If you see a car accident do you drive right by it? I personally think those who would rather drive by it have the same mentality about war. It doesn't directly affect "me" so why should "I" bother.

    I would like all the left wing media to get their heads out of their asses for a day and salute the fallen soldiers & the other heroes that survived with wonderful front page stories. Why don't I get the Tulsa World right now, because it makes me sick every day to see the injuries and bad stuff on the front page and none of the good! I thought good was news too, but that doesn't sell papers - or does it just fit the agenda?

    I am also sick of hearing "we just needed to get out of Iraq now!" It makes me want to vomit. Do we encourage ourselves and others to start important missions and then stop short in the middle of them just because it is easier no matter what the consequences. Maybe anti-war people can't finish what they started in life & they don't have the character to do so.

    I feel better now until the next atrocious headline, then I will vent again!!!

    Others talking about this: http://thealguy.blogspot.com/ http://nomayo.mu.nu/ http://www.pejmanesque.com/archives/011103.html http://www.aldaynet.org/ http://www.littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/
    http://site-essential.com/ http://site-essential.com/

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 2:26 PM

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    Almost Finished
    Great book Harry Potter.......... I have to go on reading vacations from time to time because I get so wrapped up!!!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 2:18 PM

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    Friday, August 05, 2005

    Too Busy to Post
    I am in the middle of Harry Potter. No cooking, cleaning, posting or tending to business until I finish. Of course I jest. Life goes on and I have to make time to read. Today I already registered the kids for school, breakfast, kitchen clean , help get hubby ready for work in his sling. Maybe I'll take them to a mindless kid movie today so I can read with a book light on.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 11:13 AM

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    Thursday, August 04, 2005

    Archaic taxes
    I can't wiat for my copy of the Fair Tax book to come today!!! It is number one on Amazon for non-fiction. I pre-ordered 2 copies as suggested by a friend- one to leave at the doctors office. Not sure where I will leave it yet. ..

    Boortz posted a reading assignment about a tax that needs to be eliminated. We currently pay a 3% tax on our phone that was intiated long before any of our grandparents had a phone! For crying out loud - I am still appaled with the prohibition laws in some states - like Oklahoma. I have to go to the liquor store to get a real buzz, not the supermarket!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:58 AM

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    Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    If I could be any animal I would be...
    A cat owned by a crazy cat person. What a life!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:39 AM

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    Monday, August 01, 2005

    Warm Fuzzies & Cold Pricklys...
    The Russian children here in Tulsa have all found a home before their return. They also have enough host families for the September round of kids.

    There is a TRD group you may not have known about. My son's tooth got knocked out at the lake by his little sister. The Tooth Recovery Divers managed to find his tooth & give him some $.
    My oldest is having a blast in Boston & is staying an extra week .

    Kudos to the President for getting Bolton in. Now for some Supremes...

    The work Bunco was a huge success.

    Big Brother is boring this season. Just a bunch of whiny 20 somethings.

    INXS need to knock out about 7 contestants in the next show.

    Helen Thomas - need I say more.

    Oil prices have maxed out!!!

    My 36 year old brother needs to leave the nest already!

    Hubby gets shoulder surgery tomorrow - finally.

    My good friend's hubby is heading back to Iraq for 4 months shortly after his 15 month stint & a move. Hooah to her (Silke).

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 10:36 PM

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