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    Friday, July 29, 2005

    Russian Children for Adoption (in Tulsa now)
    My friend Sherry is currently working hard to find homes for some Russian Orphans who are visiting Tulsa. They will be here until next Tuesday. If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting a child or meeting them before they head back...The opportunity is there.

    http://www.foundationfororphans.org/ has their pictures & profiles. There will be more arriving in September & your help is needed as host families & to get the word out.


    World Links is a licensed, non profit agency working in Eastern Europe since 1998. To date we have brought nearly 600 orphan children to host families in the USA with a 97% successful adoption rate. Our host programs now run all year long however school age children may only travel during holiday from school. In order to host, all adult member of the family must have criminal background checks as well as child abuse clearances available from your local police dept. An FBI check is also needed for a cost of $18. We supply instructions on how to apply for this. Finally a brief home safety check by a licensed social worker is needed. We supply this checklist for the social worker.

    The children arrive to JFK airport in New York. If a group is arriving to your area it is possible to send the children with an escort. If only one or two families will be hosting we ask that a parent will fly to NY to collect the children and return them to our staff at the conclusion of the program.

    All children have had a medical exam to secure good health status. They have had blood tests for HIV, Hepatitis as well as a TB test. They have a passport and visa as well as medical insurance while here in the USA.

    World Links has a budget to cover 60% of these costs. We ask that the host family contribute $1,500 to the cost of bringing the child for the host program. A reduced fee is available for siblings. Hosting is not an obligation to adopt. The children have the understanding that this is a holiday. During the host period World Links will screen possible adoptive families to meet the child if a family will be a host only family. At the end of the 3 weeks all children will return to Russia. Families may then may file to adopt the host child. The approx. cost to adopt a host child is $25,000. Bear in mind there is a 10,000 tax refund available for families with an income under $154,000.See the IRS web site for more information on this refund.For questions please refer to the World Links web site or call the office at 570-344-8890. You may also reach Laureen Dempsey at home 570-586-7659. Children for the July program are still unmatched and future late summer and fall programs are planned if families can be identified.

    Tulsa World Articles if you have membership!!!
    1. Russian adoption topic of meeting7/26/2005The problem of overcrowded Russian orphanages has a face in Tulsa.
    2. Russian to adopt7/24/2005Brothers Ivan and Dmitry didn't know how to react when they were tucked into bed on the first night they spent in Tulsa. The Russian orphanage where they live has too many children to afford such attention.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 6:54 AM

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