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    Friday, July 08, 2005

    My first born is 9!
    I guess I am feeling a little bit older today as my first baby is another year older. Time does fly - I know - cliche. So, I guess I have to dedicate this post to a child I am so proud of (are you ready to gag yet)? Moms love to talk about their wonderful children & bore you with all the stuff you don't care about -- so too bad - if you don't want to hear about it -leave & come back tomorrow!

    Drew was born during hurricane Bertha in Melbourne, Florida. We actually had to evacuate our house which meant hubby had to go get the little furballs (cats) & drive them inland to a dropoff point with family while I stayed with the little guy who was a maconium baby. Meaning - he swallowed his own dang poop before he made it onto this planet!

    I think he came out talking (can't imagine where he gets that) and walked way too early (10 months). Problem was, he never walked - he only ran!!! He is a joy and a challenge at the same time. He is WAY too smart for his own good and has been hitting a pitched ball since the age of 2. He was always big for his age, which made people treat him older than he was.

    He has a wonderful sense of humor and loves reading anything that comes in front of him (Calvin & Hobbes, Garfield, Simpsons, Far Side the most). As far as his future here are my predictions:

    1. Sports - he doesn't have the drive but has the natural ability - once he notices that girls love athletes - I feel we will have a superstar on our hands!

    2. Academics - Never a problem with this one - he will continue to love school!

    3. Looks - he got the best of his mom & dad - so what else can we say? I expect he'll be bigger than 90% of his mom's family with a year!

    4. Socially - he'll never be an outcast or alone - as a matter of fact in about 2 minutes he could divulge any family secret as well as know the name of the strangers first pet.

    5. Career- if he keeps skeletons from rattling in his closet - we have a politician on our hands. You bet your ass - he will be Republican!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:06 AM

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