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    Tuesday, July 19, 2005

    Eight houses in my cul-de-sac/street and I don't even know everyone's last names nor have I been in more than a few houses. Not quite like a military community - I do miss that a lot! I am sure I rocked the boat with my neighbors tonight - this is the letter they got.

    Greetings neighbors! I think our neighborhood has finally settled and a few thoughts have crossed my mind (not too many).
    1. We do not know everyone's last name
    2. We do not have all of each other's phone numbers
    3. What ifs...

    What I mean by number 3 is:
    What if a strange car came to your house and robbed you? (happened to me when I lived in Texas & I was home with the kids. My neighbors got cleaned out)
    What if your garage door is open could anyone contact you?
    If a moving truck backed up to your house & took all your furniture would anybody even question them?

    My point is... whether or not you like to socialize is not the issue we are all neighbors and need to look out for one another. Dan (on our cul-de-sac) looked out for me a ton when Brett was deployed this year thanks!

    Not too long ago I called an ambulance because my son took a bad spill, they drove by our street twice because we don't have a street sign. Heather (the new house) drove across town and beat the ambulance (thanks Heather)! How can we join forces to get one?

    Our block party is scheduled for September 10th. We will have a bike decorating contest for the kids & everyone can eat dinner in the street as we will get barriers. More details to come.
    I would like to do a roster to be shared among the neighbors – if you want to participate please answer a few of these questions and drop it in my mailbox or e-mail me..
    Names of grown-ups
    Names & ages of children
    Telephone numbers
    Cars that should be at your house
    Medical conditions
    Pets description & names
    Little known fact of little interest (or some interest) about each adult. If you don't include this one I will make something up.


    Greta Perry

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:03 PM

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