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    Tuesday, February 01, 2005

    Post From My Husband in Iraq (MSM kiss my...)
    Today I have been greeted by a half dozen, or more, Iraqi’s who work here with the waving of an ink-stained finger and big smile. The elation felt by Americans over the success of the vote last Sunday is doubled by the elation felt by the coalition forces here and the Iraqi people. What a great day. We are all relieved that the violence was minimal but also are aware that this was not due to accident or coincidence. The Coalition forces and Iraqi security (police and army) prepared long and hard for this day. Most of the attacks were carried out by, or resulted in, suicide attackers with few (if any) reaching their intended targets. This was due to the committed and prepared Iraqi security forces some of which sacrificed their lives for this event to take place. They did it for their fellow Iraqis’ and for the future of their country. Their critics are silent today. The other part of this success story was carried out by the Iraqi voters who, under the very real threat of death, arrived at the polls and cast their ballots. This was not always made easy. Many had to walk miles (vehicular travel was forbidden) and many more had to wait in long lines some of which stretched out beyond the security perimeter. You have all heard and seen the good news stories on television by now. We are happy for these people and hopeful for the future. Their critics said they were not capable of democracy or were not committed enough to make it work. They are also silent today.
    It ain’t over yet. As the President stated, there is still a lot of hard work to do. The terrorists have suffered a major defeat but are expected to resume their murderous ways. The critics have suffered a serious setback but will soon return to the airwaves with their negative reports and pessimism. Perhaps the real story behind the election is the Iraqi’s have proven they are committed to establishing a democracy amongst the ruins of Saddam’s legacy and the rest of us are infected with renewed hope and a renewed sense of commitment for their future.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:32 AM

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