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    Sunday, December 05, 2004

    Tis the Seasons!

    I need to find Hannukah candles in my Christian community-what are the chances? The 1st night rapidly approaches. My friend (thanks Heather) helped me hang the X-mas lights. This is hubbies job & I don't believe it is in the "Jewish Wife job description". Nevertheless they are up & looking pretty darn good.

    I also single-handedly picked out a live tree & dragged it in the house. Today is decoration day & the rugrats are excited. The lists to Santa are complete & of course with the X-mas shopping complete - NONE of the items on the list are items already purchased!!! I guess I am off to look for a dancing naked mole rat, a super-sized expensive Transformer, & $50 Playstation game. This is not in the budget!

    Thanks to my new friends Michelle & Bob for making my Friday night less painful. They decided I needed some company & some liquor! It hit the spot. I looked like something out of a horror movie with my pink-eye & sweatsuit (glad they could see past that after the initial shock)!

    My sons' basketball team (that I asst. coach) won yesterday. Pretty darn proud of him for scoring 10 points. He is finally realizing you have better odds shooting from up close than 1/2 court!

    Hubby received his care package from us. He now has a mini light up X-mas tree, DVDs & Nerd candy (compliments of my 6 yo). He also has a years' supply of nuts from my Mom (who can't do anything low-key). The year she discovered Polar Fleece - I ended up with a truckload of it. This was really nice, but I lived in FLORIDA!!!

    As for my blog - please forward my site to friends & family. I would love more traffic & pins on my map!!! It makes me feel less lonely (how pathetic)!!!

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 8:27 AM

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