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    Wednesday, December 15, 2004

    Rough Draft
    Dear Mr. President,

    I know I do not work for you in the White House, but I consider my work as important . My family serves their Country every day by being a military family (I am a Hooah Wife). My husband will be away this Christmas from myself & his 3 young children to help protect us here at home and we support him 101% in his mission.

    I am writing to you directly, because I need you to hear my voice. I became vocal in the "blogging" world during your campaign and continue to remain active and passionate in that venue. I find myself explaining the reason we are in Iraq and the positive things we have accomplished to many people and children on a daily basis. I am tired of hearing "I am against the war, but support our soldiers - we have no business being over there."

    I feel that in this point in time, nobody should have to justify this war to anybody. We are in Iraq and we aren't leaving until the job is complete. The problem I find is that the American people are unsure about the objectives, timelines and don't have a complete understanding of the war. We know that the "news" only wants to "sensationalize" everything and focus on the negative.

    My proposal is simple. It is time to speak directly to the American people by taking out a one page ad in all the newspapers around the Country. If the add is in print, it cannot be slanted in any way, shape or form. The add needs to be clear and in plain English that a 3rd grader could understand and printed before the violence during the elections escalates.

    The ad should include:
    • the reason we are in Iraq
    • why the US should care about people in foreign lands
    • definition of terror
    • links between 9/11 and what our plans our today
    • the positive things accomplished (reconstruction)
    • Osama bin Laden
    • US soldiers & the long term plans for them

    I did not mention NATO, WMD, or the defense budget because I feel they are irrelevant at this juncture. Please consider my plan as I am growing frustrated by the tone of the American people as we continue the "War on Terror."


    Greta Perry



    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 1:08 PM

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