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    Wednesday, December 29, 2004

    Response from Hubby in Iraq to "If you were President"
    Iraq: I guess the only thing I would do different is to put unbearable pressure on some neighboring countries to stop the foreign terrorists support but I’m not sure the governments of those countries (Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia) are capable of doing much more. Sending more troops sounds easier than it is. First, we don’t have many more troops to send. Most combat units are either here or preparing to come here. We have already stretched the national guard and their recruitment and retention is suffering. Our active force was about cut in half during the 90s as a result of the end of the cold war (many like to blame Clinton but that is really not a fair criticism). Secondly, the strategy is to stand up the Iraqi police and national guard so that they are viable and capable of securing THEIR OWN country while at the same time getting the Iraqi government on their feet so that they become legitimate in the eyes of the Iraqi people. It will be the Iraqi’s that ultimately defeat the terrorist here (with our help, of course). The more troops we add then the longer it will take for the Iraqi government to gain legitimacy and the more they will become dependent on the U.S. Also we flat out don’t have enough troops to guard every street corner. It’s a big country. The best indicator that we need more troops is when the Commanders here ask for them (this has been Mr. Rumsfield’s point all along); and so far I don’t know that they have asked for them.

    Second is the issue of delaying the elections. Would it allow more time to better the security situation? Maybe, Maybe not. Someone answered your blog saying it would allow people more time to decide who to vote for. That’s not the issue; the issue is will they vote; who they vote for is most likely determined by their ethnicity and religion (i.e., Sunni vs. Shiite, Arab vs. Kurd vs. Turkoman vs. Assyrian, etc.) This is not like elections in the U.S. where some people need 10 months of campaigning to decide who the best candidate is. Will delaying the elections encourage more people to vote. Maybe, if the security situation is improved, but it will also give the terrorist more time to try and convince people not to vote. One thing definite about delaying the elections; it will be a victory for the terrorists. Look at what the terrorists attack and you know what they are most afraid of. They attack Iraqi police and national guard, political party people and anybody or anything to do with elections.

    Lastly I have to come to the defense of Donald Rumsfield. This is the guy who lead the military to victory in Afghanistan (when all the naysayers said it couldn’t be done and the Soviets tried for 10 years and failed, etc, etc.) and led us to a quick victory against Iraq (again after all the same naysayers said we couldn’t win, would be bogged down fighting urban warfare, house to house, ten of thousands would be killed, etc, etc.). Granted he did not foresee all the post-war problems that would arise but who did? Who in our country or in our history has ever been faced with a similar situation? The truth is no one had any idea how it would turn out and that the Al Quaida types would turn post-war Iraq into their battlefield for fighting Americans and the spread of democracy (freedom and prosperity) in the Middle East. Yet we still have the same idiots that said we could not win in Afghanistan or against Iraq saying we should have had a post-war strategy that predicted all these things and that Donald Rumsfield needs to be fired. HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT? I’m not saying I think Mr. Rumsfield is a genious or anything like that but it seems he has done a pretty good job so far and deserves the benefit of the doubt DESPITE WHAT YOU SEE ON TV REPORTED BY A MEDIA THAT HATES PRESIDENT BUSH, DONALD RUMSFIELD OR ANYONE ELSE THAT DISAGREES WITH THEM AND HAS THE COURAGE TO SAY IT TO THEIR FACE.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy this; more troops, delay elections, fire Rumsfield are all very current and good issues for discussion. If Mr. Rumsfield did anything that deserves to get him fired, if the rumor is true, it was allowing his staff to sign the condolence letters for him using a machine.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 11:49 AM

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