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    Monday, December 06, 2004

    Conservative hot topics
    • Next candidate: needs to be more middle-of-the road conservative - to attract those Demos that voted for Bush in this election
    • Abortion: I am pro-choice (oh the horror). I do not agree with abortion, but don't feel the government should be in control of a woman's body (wealthy people would still get abortions).
    • Religion: You could have good morals, be of any religious persuasion & still be a Conservative. Yes, I'm a minority in my own party.
    • Separation of church & state: I do believe it could & should be done! Public school, for ex. is just that - if parents want their children in a homogeneous society - they should send their kids to private school. The Pilgrims did come over to escape religious persecution. I do not believe we should remove G-d from the Pledge but that we need to be more sensitive & aware of others needs & beliefs.
    • Gay marriage - all for gay "civil unions" am fine with Gay adoption & Fostering children
    • Legalized & medicinal marijuana - I am still tossed on legalization but pro-medicinal. When my 6 yo was little he had a feeding tube -we looked into Marinol (THC in pill form)for him - no Dr. would prescribe it because it could kill his developing brain cells. I couldn't have pictured him with a bong -but if you have anything terminal-go for it.
    • Stem cell research: still not sure about this one either. If a fetus is already aborted - I guess why not
    How do I feel being in a Christian Community where only Christmas is recognized? A lot of you may not like to hear this - but I would rather the school skipped the majority of the "Christmas" stuff & be PC like Arnold & do a "Holiday Thing." The school right now is doing constant Christmas stuff -which is fun for the kids - but what about kids who don't celebrate it? Put yourself in their shoes.....

    Macy's & the Department stores that removed Christmas should be ashamed of themselves - they should have Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwannza etc... They shouldn't eliminate Christmas. I don't think anybody but the ACLU really wants that!

    I just left the Hallmark store that I called & they told me they had Hanukkah candles - it was Advent candles (won't quite fit in my Menorah). Will head to Tulsa today to buy them.

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 1:54 PM

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