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    Sunday, October 31, 2004

    Response from a Friend
    * George W. Bush absolutely did serve his country!!!

    * We are fighting a WORLD fight on terrorism, not just against OBL. The hunt for OBL has continued. Do you really think the military/gov't wouldn't get OBL if they could? Of course they would!!!

    * By removing the Sadam from power, the U.S. achieved one of its primary goals: Eliminating a threat from weapons of mass destruction - from anywhere, not just OBL.

    * The UN agreed that he was a threat, they simply weren't willing to do anything about it (no surprise seeing that at least 3 major countries had back door deals with Iraq)

    * Sadam rewarded Palestinian bombers' families with cash. The group that bombed the ship (Achiles Lauro (sp?)) has also been found to have connections/refuge with Sadam.

    * The war in Iraq wasn't about a *form of government* - what Sadam had wasn't government at all - it was a violent murderer dominating a country with fear, threats, rape and mass killings, including biological agents.

    *It would be a tragic mistake to sit around and wait to see who might attack us next. We no longer have that luxury and probably never had it to begin with.

    * I also feel that we are safe here at home. Is there always room for improvement? Of course! I haven't heard much of anything from Kerry about what he plans to do other than he can "do it better". Easy to say when you haven't walked an inch in those shoes! I haven't seen that he does ANYTHING better based on his voting record. Deb Carrasco

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 9:25 AM

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