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    Thursday, October 14, 2004

    The Debate & Reality at My Home
    As I sat and watched the Presidential Debate with my husband last night, I felt my blood boil. During the debate, my husband handed me his "last will and testament" to preview as he heads to Iraq to serve his Country in 2 weeks. We have 3 children 8 and under, who will not have their dad home for at least a half a year. Not to mention the possibility of him not returning is something we will all carry as a burden during his absence.

    So how do I feel after watching this 3rd debate? Let me lay it out in 6 layman points, not political "mumbo jumbo." Which, by the way, the candidates should both do better. The average American reads at a 3rd grade level and this "political" talk is way above my 3rd grader.

    1. I do not want my husband headed into Iraq for "The wrong war, wrong place, wrong time." I want him to fight for the "war on terror" that President Bush has lead us into to win.

    2. I think the United Nations and the "Global Test" are a pathetic excuse for Kerry to play armchair quarterback regarding foreign policies he does not have a clue about. I could care less if every country likes us or supports us in the war. We are the nation they all "secretly" long to be like.

    3. Kerry plays to the family of soldiers as he will bring "Jonny" home faster than The President. This is an empty promise. Do the families not realize that soldiers have to make up the "Special Forces" that Kerry wants to immediately send over? Is simply changing a job description or do we need a draft to get these soldiers???

    4. If we were to pull all our soldiers out of Iraq tomorrow, would I feel it safe to take my children anywhere in our own Country?

    5. Never change a President in the middle of a war!!! Any moron in the world can figure that out!

    6. As far as any other issues which I or you feel passionate about, our main goal in the world is safety. If we are not safe - who cares if I have health insurance (even though anybody in America can use a hospital if they need one)? Who cares about anything else if I cannot go to the mall with the money in my pocket that my husband earns protecting our country, while my children have health insurance, a good education, a roof over their head, can choose a religion of their own, have endless opportunities to be and achieve anything they "earn or yearn for" without having Government handouts?

    I am just one Mom who has become more involved in politics because I care about my family and yours. Do not make a choice that you and I will regret. President Bush, though only human, has done more in his 4 years in office than most people will do in their lives. He is a good caring, compassionate man who wants the best for this Country.

    When you cast your vote - don't get hung up on the issues of gay marriage, abortion, no child left behind, stem cell research, global tests, the stock market, health insurance. Please focus on the matter that matters the most - safety!!!

    Hooah Mom
    Army wives serve with pride

    Shared by Greta (Hooah Wife) @ 3:20 PM

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